Hello, my name is Shelley, and I’m a writer

I’ve been writing for a long time–since at least third grade. The first thing I remember writing was an assignment for my third grade teacher. We had to write and illustrate a story. I don’t remember if it had to be an original story or one we already knew, but I based it on The Last Unicorn. My friend Gail’s grandmother traced pictures out of a Last Unicorn coloring book and wrote down what I told her.

The next thing I remember writing was supposed to be a full-length novel. It was called “Wonder the Wonder Horse”. What can I say? I was in 4th grade and loved horses. I really don’t remember exactly what the story was supposed to be about, but I also know I didn’t get very far.

I took some creative writing enrichment courses during school, and wrote stories for English classes. I wrote stories outside of class, as well, but…they probably would be considered some sort of Mary Sue fan fiction? I used to write stories about my friends and the boys they liked, where they ended up getting the boy blah blah blah. Nothing too creative, I guess. I kept a paper journal throughout high school, and looking back and reading it…really embarrassing.

I didn’t really write much after high school until I signed up for LiveJournal in 2002 (that means my journal is now TEN YEARS OLD! Happy Birthday journal!) Soon after that, several of my LiveJournal friends started talking about this thing called National Novel Writing Month. I didn’t participate that year, but I was intrigued–people actually sat down and wrote a novel in a MONTH? Crazy! The next year, I signed up. And I won. Exciting! The third year of NaNoWriMo, I actually got up the courage to start going to the local write-ins. What a blast! I met a lot of good people and writers through that group. I’m still doing NaNo, and so far, I’ve only failed one year–I was in a different state away from my usual writing buddies, and there was some drama going on, and I just wasn’t feeling my concept–either of them. I had wanted to do some sort of anti-superhero novel, but it just…sounded flat and bad. So I switched up and went with a post-apocalyptic teens developing super powers idea, which was fantastic, but I just couldn’t get into it. I have that idea tucked away; I plan on revisiting it, and the superhero novel, in the future.

This year, I joined a writing group. It meets every other week on Sunday nights at local area restaurants and bars–we have yet to repeat a location, and have gone to places like McDonalds, Panera, and even had a meeting in a Wal-Mart (which deserves its own entry)! I’ve never written so much in my life (other than the mad dash that is November), and I love it!

Also this year, I did something I think I swore I’d never do–but that was back when a huge stigma was placed on it: I self-published a book. CreateSpace offered anyone who won NaNo ’11 5 free copies of their book–all you had to do was format and upload it to their site. You could have made it so that no one could see it and just get your free copies, but I had friends who decided to go ahead and let the world know about their novels. That inspired me to do the same thing, and I tidied up Wolf Girl, my NaNoWriMo ’11 project up and submitted it. It does have a pretty glaring page error (seriously, MY document? The page numbers are perfect), but it’s still my novel. My first one! I’ve only sold like 5 copies, but I SOLD FIVE COPIES! That’s not counting the five copies I got for free, by the way.

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  1. Congrats Shelly on the book and the blog!

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