Writing Prompts #2

I’ll probably be posting prompts fairly regularly throughout the week until I catch up.  Then I’ll keep a more regular posting schedule of prompts on every other Monday (the day after my group meets) with other “filler” type posts in between of other things I’ve written and musings about the writing process.  This week I’m going to hopefully start outlining the second book in the Queen of Wolves trilogy and maybe start fleshing out some of the scenes.  I’d like to hold off and get it written during this year’s NaNoWriMo, but that’s five months away.  There is, I think, an August edition of Camp NaNoWriMo, so perhaps I can look into doing it then.

Prompt #1

What turns a bad day into a good day?

I had a bad day today–my boss yelled at me and told me the project I’d been pouring my heart and soul into for the last three months was garbage, and I had 1 week to fix it.  I cried in the car on the way home, and managed to tear the side view mirror off of my car pulling into the garage.

I decided the only way I was going to be able to function would be to draw myself a nice, hot bath full to the brim with my favorite bath salts.  They smelled of strawberries and cherries, reminding me of my grandmother’s kitchen in the summer as she made jars and jars of jam.  I set up my iPod on the toilet tank and set it to play my entire catalogue of “guilty pleasures”, the songs you never tell anyone you actually like–Britney Spears, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys.  Finally, I turned off the lights and lit several candles, plunging the bathroom into a heavenly scented half gloom.  I tied my hair back and sank gratefully into the steamy water, sighing as I felt the heat seep into my tired bones.

Prompt #2

Ideal fantasy pet

My ideal fantasy pet would be very similar to a Valdemaran Companion–in a short version, a talking horse that only their Chosen can hear.

However, I live in a city, and while I hae a nice sized yard, it’s not big enough to hold a full grown horse, so my “horse” would be able to change size from the size of a cat to its normal size.  It would also have to be okay living in a somewhat cramped house, so the size changing aspect would help that a great deal.

It would be a pure white with stunning blue eyes and would have a long purple mane and tail that it would love to have me brush and play with.

I’d never be lonely with my horse around, since we’ll be able to communicate with each other.  Everyone will be jealous because I’ll be the only girl around that could ride up on her horse and then bring it inside with her in its specially designed carrier.

Prompt #3

Write about anything (I think)

The smoothie I’m drinking is not very good.  It’s supposed to be pineapple mango, but I barely taste pineapple, let alone any mango.  McDonald’s specialty drinks, in general, aren’t that great.  I had a strawberry milkshake a few weeks ago that tasted like strawberry flavored chalk.

My drink choices, lately have been very limited since I gave up caffeine.  America is a country obsessed with caffeine and sweet, calorie laden coffee drinks.  I do miss getting a foamy flavored latte at the Posee meetings, but when it’s a choice of a funny heartbeat just for drinking that delicious hot beverage, I think I’ll stick to my Sprite, thanks.

And that smoothie?  It’s still not very good…

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