Writing Prompts #3

Continuing along with the earlier prompts from the writing group.  You are more than welcome, if you see a prompt that interests you, to play along!  Give yourself 5-10 minutes to complete and then post your results in the comments!  I’d love to see what other people come up with from our prompts.

Prompt #1

Write a response letter (the letter was read aloud at the meeting, otherwise I would post it for you)


I am glad you liked the present.  I saw a fiend wielding it and knew I had to get it for you.  I’m pleased with how well it cleaned up.  You, of all people know how messy they can be in death.

Mother, I do not want to say in Abilene!  I was already considering asking you to transfer me when we were overrun by the feinds.  I miss winter, and seasons.  It is too hot and dry here for my thick blood.  I thought loosing the city would have been a good segway to returning to the North.

Perhaps we can compromise.  I will visit with Tobias; I have, in fact, set up an appointment with him for tomorrow.  He sounded…nervous.  Mother–what hold do you have over him?  With his boons, I’m confident that Abilene will  again be under Arpad rule.  After this, could we talk about sending one of my brothers–I think Marcus might be best–to assume control from me, and then I can come to Columbus in his stead.

I live to make you proud, Mother

James Arpad

Prompt #2

We were giving a spread from an US magazine with pictures of Stars Without Makeup, and we each chose one to interpret what they were thinking when the picture was taken.  I chose Edie Falco, who was wearing a fedora.

Sometimes I forget I’m famous.  Those days, I just want to go out, get a cappuccino and relax.  Perhaps if I stick on this old, ratty hat and not wear any…oh wait, I usually look like I’m not wearing any makeup…so I’ll stick on this old ratty hat and not wash my face and maybe, just maybe.  Oh crap, there’s someone with a camera, maybe if I look away they won’t realize it’s me…*click click click*  Dang, it didn’t work.  Hopefully that was just some fan and not a photographer from one of those horrible trashy gossip rags I totally don’t read.

Prompt #3

It must have been celebrity night at Marie’s pizza (where the meeting was held) that night, because our next prompt was to write a letter to a celebrity.  I think it was supposed to have some sort of theme, but that is escaping me.  

Dear Brad Pitt,

I used to love you.  You were my favorite actor on the planet–I saw Interview with the Vampire and Legends of the Fall over and over because I could just not get enough of you and that hair.  I even was able to forgive you when you cut that beautiful hair, because you proved you were still obnoxiously handsome.

Then.  Oh then.  You grew that scraggely beard.  You broke up with Gweneth Paltrow (or she dumped you, I really don’t remember).  And for god only knows what reason, you took up with Jennifer Aniston.  Seriously?

I was still able to look past all of that.  Your guest appearance on Friends was the funniest episode of the entire series.  I still loved you then, just maybe not as much as Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt.

And then you drove home the final nail.  ANGELINA JOLIE?  Are you kidding me?  She used to wear Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck!  I guess she’s a good person–being a Goodwill Ambasador and all, but…she has a bad habit of being insane and stealing husbands…

I guess I should thank you, though…because the big, gaping hole you left when you took up with Angelina left plenty of room for my new boyfriend, Nathan Fillion.

Excuse me, I think I need to go rewatch that episode of Friends now…

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