Outlining the New Novel

I decided last week that it was high time I actually started thinking about my next writing projects, which is being refered to on my whiteboard To Do list as “WG 2″…aka Wolf Girl 2.  I don’t have an actual title for it yet (and honestly, Wolf Girl was supposed to be the working title for the first book, but once I added “Book 1 of the Queen of Wolves trilogy” to it, I really didn’t see the need to change it to anything fancier.  With it being the part of a trilogy, I feel that a shorter title works better, because otherwise…it becomes quite the mouthful to say…and remember!).  Heck, I’m even bouncing around a POV change, three different main locations, and exactly who the antagonist is going to be.

I wrote Wolf Girl as my 2011 National Novel Writing month book, and for the first time ever, I actually outlined the plot.  I generally am a “seat of the pants” writer, letting my ideas spin off in whatever crazy direction they want (my first novel was a murder mystery that I wrote not knowing exactly who the murder was going to be…and I even surprised myself when I figured out who it was).

I’m sure you’re insanely curious to see the Wolf Girl outline, so here it is (the original version…there are actually two versions, but the second one is more detailed and spoilery…and I didn’t actually stick to it).

  1. Starting Over–something bad happens!
  2. The Bite
  3. The Problem
  4. The Resolution

Yup, there it is, folks, my fantastic, over the top, wonderful Wolf Girl outline.  Even though it was very sparse, it actually helped me to keep on task and not wander off into the wilds of my mind (or Wyoming), and it also led to it being the longest NaNo novel I’d written so far, topping out at almost 58,000 words.  Wolf Girl 2’s outline will be quite a bit more detailed, I think.

Then comes the actual writing…I think that there is a Camp NaNoWriMo in August (the June one just wrapped up), I’ll probably be checking that out just to get myself jump started on writing.  I don’t really have any plans to succeed, but at least Camp NaNo will give me the push I need to actually get started.

Back to School stuff is being put out, I think it might be time to invest in a notebook or two…

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  1. I always have to have every single detail of my plot mapped out on paper, in my head, on a timeline, etc…. 🙂

    • I’ve tried, that, but it ends up being more like the novel than the outline. I find giving myself some wiggle room helps the words to keep flowing. 😀

      • That’s true. Sometimes my best scenes are the ones I didn’t plan 🙂

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