When it’s hot, I don’t have much to say apparently

It’s hot out there.  Pretty much anywhere, it’s hot.  Today it’s around 100 degrees outside, so it’s too hot to do anything outdoor related (and the dog is *really* missing her walks…it doesn’t even really cool down enough at night, either!), and the husband is out getting his hair cut and a hand saw…so you get a blog post!

The picture above, I hope it makes you feel cooler.  It was taken a few years ago at a plantation near Charleston, SC.  It was hot on that vacation, too, but the plantation with all of its big trees was degrees cooler than the surrounding areas.

Wow, I am not profound at all when my brain has been marinating in high temperatures.

I picked up 4 brand spanking never been used before notebooks at Target this afternoon–17 cents each!  One will be for N0vel Ideas, including the Wolf Girl 2 outline.  One will be for writing prompts for the writing group–I’ve just about filled up the notebook I was using, which wasn’t originally a writing notebook.  I think it was the notebook I used either for Chemistry or Anatomy and Physiology.  They both had plenty of back pages in the back, so I figured…why waste those?  However…they’re really not writing notebooks, and now I have plenty of space!  70 fresh college ruled pages, full of potential.

Just so this entry has some substance to it…I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote for an online creative writing class I took during the winter.

What can I do in Five minutes?

What can I do in five minutes?

Read a newspaper article

…as long as it’s a short one

Run a mile

…as long as I run fast

Make some macaroni and cheese

…as long as it’s the microwave kind

Wash the dishes

…as long as I live alone

Boil water for tea

…well, it’s faster if I have an electric kettle

Run the vacuum

…as long as I just do one room

Write a poem

…as long as I have the inspiration

What can you do in five minutes?

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