It’s Monday!

Well, all that means is my writing group met last night, so I have new prompts!

But you don’t get to read them yet, as I’m still playing catch up.  I will say, though, there was an inappropriate use of the phrase “sweet sweet cinnamon buns”, cow tipping, and lots of laughing.  Unfortunately, the meeting was slightly truncated by a Panera Bread employee meeting.

Prompt #1

Mary Sue* yourself into your favorite fandom–I chose The House of Night series, just because it’s really hard for me to pick ONE favorite of anything, and that was the first thing that popped into my head.

Two weeks ago, my life changed forever.  I was at school right before lunch.  At my locker, I grabbed my lunch and turned around.  I squeaked in fear as I ended up nose to nose with an unfamiliar guy.

He was handsome, with hair as black as night, and blue eyes so bright they made a [unintelligible word–my handwriting is horrid sometimes] sky look dull.  Between his eyes rested a cerulean blue crescent moon, and it was flanked on either side by a delicate filigree design.

“Oh,” I said, relaxing.  AT first the boy seemed sinister, but he projected calm, and I was suddenly surrounded by warmth.  “Samantha Lynn Parker, I mark you.  Welcome to your new life.  You have been summoned to the Tulsa House of Night.”  The stranger lifted his palm and rested it between my eyes.  I felt a quick sear, and then the boy was gone.

I sat down on the floor, stunned.  I reached up and felt between my eyes–I could almost feel the mark the boy had left==the blue outline of a crescent moon.

“Wow,” I said, mostly to myself.  I stood up and almost floated out of the school.  The rest of the school day suddenly no longer mattered–I had more important duties to fulfill.

Prompt #2

Arrrrrr, Matey!

We were shown a pirate similar to this one and told to write his story

“Arrr, matey!” the fat, jolly coconut man growls at me.  He swaggers around, the thumbtacks in his heels clicking on the counter.  I stop, stare, then laugh.

“Arr, Missy!” he yells, hopping closer to where I’m standing, just inside the door of the souvenir shop.  The comical sneer on his face makes me laugh harder, and I’m sure if this mini pirate was flesh and blood, his face would have been beet red and steam would be coming out of his ears.

He brandishes his small, wooden knife at me, headband fluttering as he strains to reach me with his ineffective weapon.  He looses his balance and falls over, tiny wooden feet flailing.  I can’t resist the blustery little man, and fork over $40 for the privilege of taking him home.

“Let me out, foul wench!” he shouts from within my shoulder bag as I exit the shop.  He manages to hook his hook on the edge and tries to boost himself out of my bag.

Prompt #3

Another visual prompt, this was a dried baby alligator head.  

“If you don’t come in and sit down, I’m gong to rip your head off and use it like a puppet,” momma gator growled angrily, watching her spawn splash around the muddy estuary.  She’d called them in for dinner twenty minutes ago, and they were still merrily ignoring her in favor of their game of human head gator ball.

Timmy shrieked and yelled, and aimed the head at Susie’s tail.  It went wide, and Momma gator snapped it out of the air, scissoring her strong jaws together with a sharp SNAP! crushing the ball between her saw-edged teeth.

“NOW,” she said, sitting the crushed skull out on to the ground.  “Or is it puppet time for one of you?”  Susie and Timmy slithered out of the estuary, tails lucked between their legs.  Timmy gave one last mournful look at the abused head, and went in for dinner:  roast leg of human.\

*if you are wary of links (the Mary Sue link links to the Wikipedia article) and still want to know what a Mary Sue is:  It’s a character that is the author writing him/herself into the story as an overly accomplished/skilled/best at everything/youngest ever/etc character–usually to fulfill the wishes and fantasies of the author.


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