Wolf Girl Wednesday: Location, Location, Location

Introducing a new feature here at A Random Flood of Words–Wolf Girl Wednesdays!  I generally always have ideas floating in the back of my head about Wolf Girl 2, the untitled wonder, along with things like how I’m going to make 120k gold in WoW when I hate farming, what book I want to read next, and how long I have until my husband comes home for the weekend.  I figure dedicating a day of the week will keep me from either talking too much about Wolf Girl, or not talking about it at all.  I may not post something every Wednesday, either–it depends on how much work I do on the novel.

Every week, on the whiteboard I appropriated from my husband, I make myself a To Do List for the week–it gets added to as I go and think of stuff I need to do (and yes, I will put things like “shave legs” on my whiteboard, because if I don’t…I won’t get around to it).  Here’s this week’s To Do List:

Yes, that does say “Hulk Smash!” in the lower middle right.

The left is the actual To Do List.  See Outline W.G. 2 up there at the top?  It’s been there for three weeks now.  *FLAIL*  I’m having a rough time sitting down and actually outlining this, because I really don’t know exactly what direction I want to take.  I know that Ansley will probably need to end up in a major metropolitan area (as in this book…oh, wait, that’s a spoiler…never mind) to do what she needs to do for the main plot point of this book.  Yes, I do know the main plot point!  I also know the main plot point of the next book, too!  I think once I nail down which city I’m going to send her to, I’ll be able to actually write a functioning outline.  Until then…

Cities I’m currently considering include New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

The pros of New York City are:  Wolf Girl started out in NYC, and I’d be able to bring back Ansley’s best friend Niamh, Ansley is familiar with the area (while I am not so much), there can be an awkward scene where she runs into Kemp.  Cons are…well, I’ve already been there, done that.

The pros of Los Angeles are putting in cameos of my favorite celebrities, the possibility of Ansley getting “discovered” in and it be a scam plotline, and Disneyland.  The cons are that it’s…well, it’s LA, and how feasible is it that there are werewolves in the LA area?  I guess the same could also be said about NYC.

The pros of Washington D.C. are the fact I lived out there for almost 2 years, and it’s the seat of our government, which would work well for the Major Plot Point.  A big con is the sheer size of the D.C. Metro area–traffic is horrible.  Of course, I am writing this and I can make the traffic less…I don’t know.  While D.C. probably makes the most sense for the Major Plot Point, it’s probably lowest on my list.

Of course, I’m also leaving out cities like St. Louis, Atlanta, Houston/Dallas, and New Orleans that could also be strong contenders.  Having Ansley running around New Orleans discovering voodoo and beniegts could be fun!  Or the wolves taking a night off and hosting their own rodeo in the Dallas area?  AWESOME!  It is possible that I’ll need to send Ansley to several metropolitan area, so I also need to keep that in mind.

See why I’m having such a hard time choosing a location?  Every time I think I may have narrowed it down, I think of another great city that could be a contender for various reasons.  I worry slightly about travel, but…well, how long would it take to get anywhere during the full moon when you can run on four paws, and Ansley doesn’t seem to have any fear of flying, either.  Me, however…I think you’d need to sedate me to get me on a plane these days.

As for the rest of that To Do list?  Yeah, does someone want to come and clean my air filter for me?  I’d love you forever!


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