Wolf Girl Wednesday: Character Development

One thing that was somewhat missing from Wolf Girl was the lack of a love interest for Ansley.  I really didn’t want to give her one, as she had gone through a fairly rough break up with her college boyfriend Kent in the first chapter.  There was an attempt (and a scene I cut involving coitus interuptus in the back of a horse trailer), but I ended up doing very bad things to him, so there was no romantic development.

However, in WG2, Ansley has settled into her new life, and is now ready to be introduced to a potential love interest.  In the writing meeting I went to on Sunday, we did some character development exercises, and I chose to develop Ansley’s potential love interest.  Our first exercise was to visualize, then write down, facts about our character.  Here is Ansley’s Unnamed Love Interest (oh, yeah, I haven’t named him yet, or I should say, his name hasn’t come to me yet…and NO SIR your name will NOT be Mark or Marcus.  Seriously, dude, seriously):

  • batmanesque quality–always seems to have the right tool or gadget for the job
  • vegetarian, and unusual quality in a werewolf
  • dark hair pulled back tightly in a short ponytail
  • thin and wiry, around 5’9″
  • mysterious–has a secret past he doesn’t tell anyone about
  • early 30s
  • slightly unstable (see mysterious–comes from his secret past)
  • wears bright colors–reds, blues, yellows, paired with black skinny jeans and ratty old converse
  • grew up 20 miles south of Ansley in Ohio, moved to CA for college, doesn’t talk about how he ended up in  Winnepeg (wtf Canada?) after graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering
  • secret past probably has to do with how he became a werewolf
  • wears a silver crescent moon necklace always; tatoo of one on his upper left arm done in black and silver
  • dark eyes–a brown so dark his eyes almost appear pure black, long eyelashes a girl would commit murder for (that’s a direct Ansley quote, btw)
  • likes top 40s music, hates 80s music, not musically inclined at all–tone-deaf.  Dabbles in electronica and death metal
  • werewolf form:  lean and muscular, charcoal grey, piercing dark eyes, slightly smaller than the average male were.  Sly and sneaky, prefers ambushes to out right fights.  LONE WOLF

So that’s Ansley’s love interest.  He lives in Canada.  Huh.  That’ll be interesting to work into the new novel.  Though it gave me an idea to tell WG2 through his eyes instead of Ansley’s…but we’ll see about that.

The next thing we did was write the character’s typical day.  I subbed in the letter X for Mr. Nameless (which then got suggestions such as Xander and Xavier as his potential name…I just picked a letter though…so we’ll see about that).

X wakes up and takes a short, super hot shower.  For breakfast, he east, depending on the time of month, either a bowl of the sugaryest cereal that was on sale at the grocery store that week, or a half-dozen eggs, 4 pieces of toast, and half a slab of (soy!) bacon.  That breakfast, of course, is reserved for full moon times of the month.

After breakfast it’s time for the commute to work.  it’s short, as the company he works for is located on the bottom floor of the skyrise he lives in.  He works as a mechanical engineer, designing and building devices to make every day life easier.

For lunch, if he doesn’t remember to pack himself a lunch, he’ll hit up the local Chipotle for their delicious vegetarian burrito bowls.

If it happens to be a full moon day–he has worked out a deal with his boss if the days do not fall on a weekend (and as most weekends are only 2 days long…). His boss thinks he volunteers at the local homeless shelter during those afternoons, but instead he donates a wad of cash so they’ll sign off on the “volunteer work” and spends the afternoon napping and preparing his “panic room” for the wolfish creature it will soon contain.

When he is not of the canine persuasion, he spends his evenings building new “toys” to play with and surfing the internet blogs and bulletin boards for other mechanically inclined individuals.  he’s a loner–he doesn’t encourage friendships and avoids women all together, as he finds it hard to explain to them why he needs his space three nights every month.

I hope you enjoyed your introduction to the first new character in Wolf Girl 2!  Hopefully the next time we meet Mark Marcus Xander Mr. Nameless will actually have a name!


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