Writing projects!

I have so many projects I should be working on…

Camp NaNoWriMo the August edition starts in like…5 days.  FIVE!  I still don’t have an outline or a definite starting point.  Eep!  I don’t have plans to actually try to win, but I do want to use it as a kick in the pants to get WG2 started.  I also need to find a new sticky notes program–I really like the current one I have, except it becomes a complete memory hog and will lock up if I leave it open too long.

I started a new short story on Friday of last week.  It’s about 600 words long so far, and I have some really neat ideas as to where it’s going to go.  Sophie’s going to get a big surprise when she finds out her “ghost story” is actually true…

I have a collaboration that’s just going…nowhere fast.  I think part of the issue is we started to big, thinking this was going to be novel sized.  I think we need to scale back and collaborate on something smaller first before moving up into the novel size range.  Perhaps from the same universe with our characters, but more of a vignette than an actual book.  Oh, and that needs some sort of outline, as well.

There’s my mostly finished but not quite really NaNo from ’10.  I figured out with about 3 days left in NaNo and around 15k words left to cross the 50k finish line that my story had about 25k left in it, and if I really wanted to just…get the thing done, I would need to skip a chunk (I was just…spinning my wheels where I was at in the storyline, adding useless material just for word count purposes) and get straight to the ending.  It worked–I did get past the 50k mark, but then I was left with a story with a HUGE GAPING HOLE in it.  I’ve gone back occasionally to keep trying to fill in that hole, and it’s not quite as big as it was originally…but it’s still there.  Still gaping, and yes, it does mock me every time I see the file name.

Speaking of NaNo projects, I guess you could count NaNo ‘o9 as being “in the works” as well.  I have a copy of it printed out to go through and edit, but as I’m not happy with *any* beginning I come up with for it, I’m stalled on that, as well.  That one I really enjoyed writing.  It’s kind of a cross between Pelham 123 and Dexter, though Pelham 123 the movie came out AFTER I wrote the NaNo novel (though the book was published way before).  I came up with the idea for it one day while waiting for a Metro train in the DC area–all that enclosed space…yeah.  That one was a blast to write!  Editing it, however, has been a complete pain.

My husband recently got a new job, which won’t help.  He’ll be home 7 nights a week now, instead of his usual weekends.  It’s not that I’m complaining that he’s home…just that he’ll be around a lot more demanding attention.  Today, when I should have been planning and writing this particular post, I instead went to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries (with the MOST AWESOME COKE MACHINE EVER), then to see the Avengers (which was MORE AWESOME than the Coke machine), and then to the grocery store.  See?  Not conducive to writing.  He will, however, be starting his new job on Monday, so I’ll be able to get back into my regular writing schedule, I’ll just have to plan on being finished by the time he gets home.

What writing projects are you in the middle of?


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  1. I had similar problems w/ my NaNo novel… So, since I like detailed outlines, I just treated my 50 000 words as anoter design document and rewrote the whole thing. 🙂 I think that definitely, plot-wise, it paid off. 🙂 Good luck with your projects!

    • I never thought I’d participate in one of NaNo’s summer programs…but I’m thinking going into August with the mindset that I just want to give myself a KICK IN THE BUTT to get WG2 started will at least get me to get the outline done, as well as maybe the first 10k or so words.

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