Writing Prompts #8

I’m getting close to catching up with my writing prompts.  Once I do, I’ll be posting the prompts every other Monday (the day after my writing group meets), and then will fill in the other Mondays with a little project I just planned out.  It’ll be a spoof of a popular book, written serial style, one chapter every other week.  I just finished reading A Long, Fatal Love Chase by Lousia May Alcott, which was originally written as a serial for a magazine, but was deemed to be too scandalous for the times.  Now, of course, it’s considered tame, but it’s still a great read.  Once finished reading it, I got the notion to try my own hand at a serial.

I went to an estate sale today, probably the first one I’ve ever been to.  For a glorified garage sale, the prices they had on most stuff was…crazy.  $150 for an old refrigerator, $100 for a 15-year-old washing machine (when for not much more you can get a brand new one…), and loads of knick knacks and whatsits that were priced at $10-65.  I picked up a copy of Rhett Butler’s People by Donald McCaig, which I didn’t even know existed!  It’s too bad I’m not even half way through with my shelf of 10, because I’m *itching* to dive into that book.  It covers Rhett’s life from when he was a little boy until…well, I’m not sure, but I’m assuming til near his death.  McCaig has cast Belle Watling (I’m sure you remember Rhett’s “friend” and prostitute from the dance hall) as the plantation’s overseer’s daughter.  Should be interesting!

Prompt #1

Cow Tipping

“Moo,” I hear coming out of my radio as I drive to work on a 90 degree day with the windows down.  “Moo!” I hear again over the rushing wind, and my hand reaches out to change the dial.  An announcer breaks in and tells me not to worry, it’s just some local car dealer talking to his neighbors.  They’re apparently cows.  “Moo!  Moo!” the radio says again, and I wonder if it’s possible to go out and cow-tip that guy instead of his neighbors.  Then maybe I won’t have to listen to his ridiculous commercial ever again.  Because, you know, humans totally can’t stand back up if you pretend they’re cows when you shove them down.

It’s true, a car dealership in Wadsworth, about 10 years ago, ran this exact commercial.  And yes, it was exactly as dumb as it sounds here.

Hmm, I appear to be out of prompts…I didn’t expect that.  So, instead of 2 more prompts, you get something special…a little taste of fanfic.  Judging by the notebook it’s in, I wrote this while bored in an anatomy and physiology class.

CSI:  Miami, fanfic style

She hated blind dates.  And her blind date was late, which made the situation even worse.  Flicking back her shoulder length brown hair, Marzipan fiddled with the stem of her martini glass and glanced around the bar.  It felt like she had memorized every face in the bar while she waited.

There was the couple in the corner by the dart board.  Barley touching, the man and woman still exuded a barely contained sexual aura.  The woman touched the man’s arm and he tightened, then relaxed.  Marzipan skimmed past them quickly, trying to forget how long it had been since she’d felt that way.

Then she saw the sad-looking man opposite her at the bar, tearing the corners of his napkin to shreds.  He stared at his drink, but the ice cubes melted as the drink sat untouched.

Finally, there was a group of five people she figured were coworkers, due to the disparity in both ages and looks.  The gorgeous black woman laughed and then leaned in to whisper something in the ear of the pretty blonde woman.  The dark man sitting next to the blonde glared at the two women, and then stood up.  “I’m going to get a pool table.  H, you up for a game?”  the older redhead shook his head, then sipped on his beer.

“Take Speed, he’s looking anxious,” the man said.  Speed joined the swarthy man at the pool table and helped rack up the balls.

“Hey, Calliegh, Alex, you wanna play partners?” he asked, twirling a pool cue between his fingers.  Both women declined the offer of a game.

“Another drink, Alex?” the blonde offered, heading up to the bar, leaving the redhead by himself.  He and Marzipan locked eyes briefly, but she quickly dropped her eyes down to her drink, embarrassed that she’d been caught staring.

Distracted by the group, Marzipan failed to notice that a light-haired man had settled down to her right.  he looked her up and down, and leaned in slightly “Buy you a drink, pretty lady?” he said, slurring his words slightly.  Marzipan glanced at him and then back to her drink.

“No thanks,” she said.

“Awww, c’mon baby!” he said, leaning in closer.  “It’s just one drink!”  Marzipan stood up and moved down a stool, eager to put some distance between herself and the booze soaked idiot invading her space.  The drunk grabbed onto her wrist and attempted to pull her back, causing Marzipan to spill her drink all over the bar.  He latched on tightly, refusing to let go when Marzipan asked him to.  The alcohol gave him strength, and she was unable to wrench her arm away from him.

“Let me go!” she demanded again as he jerked on her arm drawing her closer to him.  suddenly, the man was face down on the bar with the hand he had been grabbing Marzipan with slammed forcefully onto the bar.

“I believe the lady asked you to let her go,” said the redhead from the corner.  Marzipan rubbed her wrist gently, watching the drunken man struggle to get loose.

“I just wanted to buy her a drink,” blubbered the man.  “What’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong is you put your hands on the lady.  Now, apologize and leave, or I’ll be escorting you out in handcuffs,” the man demanded, levering him to his feet.  Shamefacedly, the drunk muttered an apology and shot daggers of hate at the redhead as he stumbled towards the door of the bar.  The bartender, who had the earpiece of the phone halfway to her ear, ready to call 911, cradled the phone and thanked the man.

“I’m Horatio Caine,” said the redhead, extending his hand.  Marzipan shook it and introduced herself.

Ahhh, CSI:  Miami fanfiction.  I had a totally irrational crush on Horatio Caine, and a more rational one on Tim Speedle.  Unfortunately, in this one, Horatio came to the rescue, not Speedle.  

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