Writing Prompts #9

Hello Monday!  I’ve finally caught up with my writing prompts, so now I’ll be able to settle down into an every other week schedule (as my writing group only meets that often).  To fill in the gaps, if you missed Friday’s post, I’ll be doing a serial spoof entitled “Dawn”.

This week’s prompts were actually pretty neat–instead of the moderators coming up with prompts, this time they made the group members come up with them on the fly.  Mine is prompt #3, and while I had a hard time coming up with something to write about for #4, that was actually a fun prompt to do.  Haiku is my *favorite* poetic style.

Prompt #1

You only get to keep 10% of your body, what do you keep?

If I could only keep 10% of my body…that’s a hard choice to make.  I mean…the loss of my excretory system…yeah that’d be nice, and I’m sure if science has perfected the technology of replacing body parts, then they probably have some bitch’ VR, so I wouldn’t miss losing “down there”, either.

How much is 10% anyway?  Would it be an arm?  A leg and a foot?

I think I’d definitely have to keep my brain–it makes me who I am.  i won’t miss having a sense of smell…though that can probably be simulated.

Okay, I’ve saved my brain, I’m going to say that’s 5%…5% more to save!  I’d probably want to save a hand, to actually feel things, like silks, fleece, my dog’s fur. Unless she’s only got 10% left of her, too.

I guess I might also save a butt cheek, because, you know, spankings.

Three of us saved our butts, though each of us for different reasons.  One was worried science wouldn’t be able to craft a butt to her liking, and the other one said his butt was perfectly honed due to his years of sitting.

Prompt #2

Make up your own comic book character

Magnet man.  He doesn’t actually have any super powers, he wasn’t bitten by a radioactive bug or part of a nuclear accident.  Instead, he wears a suit covered in super strong, super sensitive magnets that he can use to manipulate the metals that are present in area.  Years of practice have led him to perfect his suit and his control.  When he sees a guy running away after mugging a sweet little old lady, he can take the stop sign and twist it securely around the would-be thief’s legs, tripping him.

Magnet Man’s arch nemesis is Plastiman, who is covered from head to toe in slick flexible plastic, thwarting Magnet Man’s ability to use the metal in clothing against his foes.  Plastiman runs amok, robbing banks and ice cream parlors while Magnet Man tries in vain to use his magnets and control of metal to capture the slippery plasti-villan.

Magnet Man is in the market for a side kick, and is accepting any and all applications at metalmaniac@gmail.com.  A costume is a requirement.

Prompt #3

Put an OC (original character) or a favorite character into an uncharacteristic scene.  I chose Ansley, of course.

“What am I doing here?” I thought to myself.  i tugged self-consciously on the zipper of my light pink fleece hoodie.  Around me, dogs barked crazily, bouncing off the bars of their cages.

I’m not sure why I thought volunteering at the local shelter had been a good idea.  Lacey’s vet, Dr. Chaubert, had called late last night, needing just one more person to help out.  I’d declined earlier in the week when I’d taken Lacey, my rescue malamute, in for her annual check-up.

“Ansley, you love animals,” her vet said last night, her voice pleading.  Caught off guard and half asleep, I’d agreed and immediately fell back asleep.  I woke up in the morning, convinced that the phone call was just a dream, until Dr. Chaubert showed up on my doorstep with mochas from the Sunflower Spot.  I’d tried ot back out, but Dr. Chaubert wasn’t taking any excuses–she needed me and I was going to go.

I could hear the frenzied barking start as soon as I stepped out of Dr. Chaubert’s jeep.  “That’s odd,” the vet remarked, then shoved my reluctant form through the door.

“Maybe I should help with the cats,” I suggested.  “The dogs seem to not…like me.”

“Nonsense,” said Dr. Chaubert.  “They’re just excited to see a new face.”  The cage nearest to her contained a snarling toy poodle.  He did not look to excited that I’d invaded his territory.  I brushed my thick black hair back off of my face and took a subtle step away from the raving beast.

“No, really,” I said carefully.  “I’d really rather work with the cats.  Or maybe the small animals if they have any…” my voice trailed off as Mr. Poodle threw himself at the cage bars, his beady eyes fixed on me.

I didn’t blame Dr. Chaubert–she had no clue of my secret life…not too many people did.  She had no idea that she’d just brought a werewolf into the Rawlings Area Animal Shelter.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that everyone in my writing group missed my not-t0-subtle Party of Five reference…I couldn’t remember Lacey’s vet’s actual name…and all I could think about was Lacey Chaubert…

Prompt #4

Write a haiku about a 70s/80s cop show

“In the Heat of the Night”

Archie Bunker, cop
The tall guy solves them all, hooray!
The south is safe again

“Dukes of Hazard”

Rosco P. Coltrain
His dog Flash riding shotgun
Duke boys outsmart them!

The second haiku was a collaboration between me and another group member.  I love haikus.

I’d love to see YOUR haiku about a 70s/80s cop show!!!  Post them in the comments!

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