Wolf Girl Wednesday: Uhhhh

It’s been a busy week here at Wolf Girl Central, and none of it involves writing.  Oops!  I totally missed Monday’s post, and the only reason I posted anything yesterday is because it was pre-written and scheduled.  I’ve got a friend in town from out-of-state (who keeps changing when we’re getting together), and it’s the..uh…male members of my family’s annual golf outing, so I have an uncle in town.  That means lots of dinners out and family get togethers, as my uncles only come in town 1-2 times a year.  I ate out Sunday, then went to a picnic on Monday, then ate out *again* last night…and all of this comes after last week’s busy week, where we had a picnic on Thursday, had dinner with my husband’s cousin and his family on Friday, and went to the Rhythm and Blues Festival my town puts on every year on Saturday (Happy 200th Birthday to my town, as well!).

It’s just been GOGOGOGOGOGOGO around here.  While it’s been fun, I think I need a vacation from everyone else’s vacations…and I still have a few things left on the calendar before it’s over–today is hopefully lunch or dinner with the friend in town, then tomorrow I have a local author panel to attend at a local library to support some friends, and then finally my in-laws are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, so we’re heading down to the farm either late Saturday or early Sunday for that.  AND I have to make some sort of pie for my father in law.  *FLAIL*

I should make this post sort of Wolf Girl-y, shouldn’t I?  I’ve started to get some feedback on Wolf Girl from the various people who have read the book.  It’s all positive so far…but these are my friends and family, I think they’re a bit biased.  Okay, a lot biased.

From my Aunt:
Just wanted to let you know I finished you book. It only took me a couple of days to read it. I really enjoyed it. Cannot wait for the next one.”

From my cousin’s daughter (she’s 12, I made a O.o face when I learned she’d read it…but 99% of it is 12 year old safe, it’s just the scene where Ansley catches Kemp in flagrante delecto that is a bit NSFK, but even *that* isn’t too bad)
“hey i just finished ur book yesterday and i love it”
(Oh, gotta love being 12, right?)

From a friend:
Okay, so. I’ve been sort of going back and forth between Wolf Girl and my other book, but I couldn’t sleep earlier and I don’t want to finish Casket too fast because I’ll be out of Nightrunner, so I was reading some Wolf Girl. And man, I gotta tell you… at first I didn’t really think it’d be my cup of tea, but suddenly I couldn’t stop reading. :D”
she also pointed out some flaws, as I described a horse coloring wrong /facepalm and I apparently keep changing the spelling of Rawlins to Rollins and Rawlings.  Easy to fix and re-upload the corrected copies to CreateSpace and Smashwords.  The horse thing…well, if you don’t know much about horses, you wouldn’t catch it.  I think I had one color scheme in mind–chestnut–and just misdescribed it as bay.  But hey, very helpful, as I somewhat skipped the beta reader phase because the CreateSpace 5 free copy deal was going to be running out soon…)

I’m really interested to see what non-relative non-friends think, so I think at some point I’ll organize a giveaway here on the blog and through Goodreads.com. Now, if I could just remember to order myself some extra copies…Would giving away e-reader copies be considered tacky?  Hmmm, I think I may have to flex my Google-fu on that one…

So far on the calendar, next week is completely free, so hopefully I’ll be able to crack down and get some writing done.  I still have several half-finished stories that need to get finished and corral me a reader or two so I can polish them up and maybe send them out to magazines.

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