Support Your Local Authors!

Last night I attended a panel discussion put on by a local writer’s group.  The moderator put together a group of local published authors, H.T. Barkman, E.W. Lewis, D.S. Toles, and Kylan Toles.  They answered questions for a couple of hours, and it was fascinating!

Three of the authors did what I did–they self published through CreateSpace, and the fourth author had her book published through a small e-book publisher.  All four of the authors were a great example of how the publishing world is changing–though the fourth author, H.T. Barkman, had a publisher, they flat out told her she would have to do most of the marketing for her book herself.

How can you support a local author?  It’s pretty simple!

1.  Buy their book–either order it from the website it’s published on, contact the author directly (they usually have copies on hand), or go to your local bookstore and ask for it by name so they’ll order it for you.
2.  Talk about them on social media–on your blog (hi!), on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
3.  Go to events–keep an eye open for book signings, panels, and other interesting things that feature local authors.
4.  Leave a copy of their book somewhere–often places like independant coffee shops have areas where there are books to read.

Here are a few of my favorite local authors (all links take you to the book’s Goodreads page):

H.T. Barkman–her novel, Zion’s Crossing was published by Wild Child Publishing.  It’s a darker novel about Amish twins on their Rumspringer.  They get in a car accident that leaves the brother in a coma.  He has to struggle through 7 visions of Hades, while his sister struggles with more worldly things like drug addiction.  She also has several nonfiction books available.
D.S. TolesAwakenings, a steampunk novel, is available through CreateSpace, Amazon, and Smashwords.  It’s set in Victorian England.  Raine was recently rescued by the Professor, but her memory is a blank.  Who is she?  Why is she being hunted?  Find out by picking up a copy of Awakenings!
Kylan Toles–his novel, On the Downbeat, is available through CreateSpace and Amazon.  Lucas Tate is a former spy who now runs a blues club in Miami.  When someone from his past shows up, Lucas must make some important decisions.
Kyla Phillips–her novel, The Wildest Place, was published by MuseItUp Publishing.  Sala’s bondmates are murdered, so she teams up with her old partner, Derulo, to find out who killed them.
E.W. Lewis–his novel, Eden Tree, is available through CreateSpace and Amazon.  Dr. Havisham believes he is on an expedition to explore forgotten lands, he finds that there is more forgotten within himself than in any land he could possibly explore.
Kara Martinelli–her novel, My Very Dearest Anna, My Grandparents’ Letters from WWII, is available on Amazon, and through various local shops.  It is a non-fiction book containing the letters her grandparents wrote during World War II, with commentary added by Kara.

Go forth!  Find your local authors and support them!

Callie has already claimed my copy…I don’t know if I’m getting it back or not…

And for a non-local author, but a friend…Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator was released yesterday!  Congratulations, Jill!  Spookygirl, 2011 winner of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, is available through and your local bookseller!


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