Top Ten Tuesday!

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This week’s top ten delves into our deepest, darkest, literary secrets.  Oh boy!

Top Ten Bookish Confessions

1.  I do not own a library card, and I refuse to get one.  Yup, me, the voracious reader with near a dozen librarian friends, does not own a library card.  At the end of college, I checked out a bunch of books for a project…then school ended, then I moved, and they got thrown in the trunk of my college beater with a leaky trunk seal…do you see where this is going?  Yup, forgotten, then molded…and I still owe my local library almost $300 in fines…though it’s been long enough that they probably don’t have a record of it anymore, I still quake in fear of walking in and trying to get a card there, or at any of the libraries near me.  YOU OWE A LIBRARY MONEY PAY UP!
I also have an issue returning things on time, which can also add up.  So, me not having a library card?  Saves me money.

2.  I read the entire Twilight series.  Mostly so that when people go all ga-ga over it, I can make arguments based on the fact that I did read the books, but I will not willingly admit to having read them.  Oh, and since I don’t have a library card?  I had to buy them–but I did so on my phone, so that the books aren’t dirtying up my house.  I will admit to being tempted to buy a copy of Twilight just so I can burn it, but as my dislike of Farenheit 451 stems only from the fact they burn books…that’d be a bit, um, yeah.

3.  I read waaaaaay too much crap.  Having a Kindle Fire and access to the top 100 free kindle books without leaving said Kindle?  yeah, it means I’ve read a lot of really bad fiction since getting it.  I’m getting a reputation among my friends, too…the girl who loves bad books (and bad TV, and bad music…are you seeing a trend here?).

4.  I don’t like Jane Austen and don’t understand the obsession with Mr. Darcy.  Lumping this one into one because I can.  It took me almost 4 months to wade through Pride and Prejudice, and Mr. Darcy comes off as kind of a douchebag.  Sorry ladies, that’s just how I feel.  He goes out of his way for most of the book to be a dick to Lizzy, then all of a sudden, “Oh, it’s okay, I only acted that way because I’m madly in love with you.”  Um, no, it’s not okay!  Yeeesh!  I also only made it 1/3 of the way through Persuasion, and can’t even stomach the thought of picking up any of her other books.

5.  I don’t like that Harry and Ginny ended up getting married.  I think I mentioned this in the last TTT–it felt forced, like JKR was giving the fans what *they* wanted vs what the *characters* wanted.  I’m a very “seat of the pants” writer, and my characters often veer off the path I’ve set for them.  It’s what makes writing fun, for me.  When the characters exert their own will, I feel that I’m doing my job right, instead of just having little marionettes on paper dancing to my every whim.
In case you were wondering, I sort of held a torch for a possible Harry/Luna ending.  I think Harry would kind of need someone who could knock him down a peg or two if he got too hyped up on the “I’M THE BOY WHO LIVED!!!” with a vague *patpat* and a “that’s nice, dear”.

6.  I edit as I read.  Not in every book, but with the crap I’ve been reading on my Kindle, my inner editor is going nuts.  It seems like people think that they can write something, hit spellcheck, then publish.  Um, no.  My current Kindle book, I’m up to 6 comma/grammar/word usage errors and I’m only 6% in…AND I know the author AND the person who did a lot of the editing, which is making it really hard to not email them with “WTF PEOPLE?”  It’s a good thing most of this stuff is digital, otherwise I’d have my red pen out.  Oh, and geographical errors drive me crazy–I read a book where they talked about Soupplantation in Ohio, and we don’t *have* Soupplantation, at least in my area (which was the area being talked about in the book).

7.  I’ve read way too much James Patterson.  Yes, he gets people to read, but dammit, it is such utter *crap*.  The font is size 14, the chapters are less than a page long, and the writing is…subpar at best.  I’m also convinced that he no longer writes the books, just hands out a form outline and tells whoever is “co-writing” with him to fill it in.  But yet, I’ve read 90% of the Alex Cross books, and a good deal of his other stuff.  I blame my mom (she had a lot of his books) and the fact that I didn’t have much other stuff to read when my husband and I lived out in Virginia (see #1).

8.  I haven’t read any books by my favorite authors in years.  I can’t remember the last Mercedes Lackey I’ve read, and I never finished David Eddings’ last trilogy.  Heck, one of his books even has a spot on my very short Did Not Finish list (along with The Many Lives of Avery Snow, some Greek Mythology book, and The Psych Ward Killer).  I bought a Diana Gabaldon book not too long ago, but it’s not going to get read any times soon.  I haven’t even *glanced* Piers Anthony’s way on the sci-fi/fantasy shelf in forever, though part of that has to do with the way that BAM sets up their store.  In other words, everything that isn’t children’s, non-fiction, mystery, or YA is lumped together in one large “Fiction” section.  I miss Border’s.  They knew how to organize books.

9.  I sometimes feel guilty about the books I read, but that doesn’t make me change my reading habits.  Sometimes I think I read too much YA, then I’ll turn around and start another YA novel.  Then, I think I read too much free crap on my Kindle…only to not finish that book I’ve been reading for ages that is *really* good, but instead turn around and download 5 more free books and start reading one of them.  I feel like I haven’t read enough classics…but other than downloading a Tale of Two Cities and Persuasion on my Kindle…I don’t do anything about it.  Ooh, I did read A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott, but that was published in the 1990s, so, not really a classic?
Oh, and I totally just lied about having A Tale of Two Cities on my Kindle.  I do have Les Miserables on there, though.

10.  I read in the shower.  Not in the tub (okay, I do that, as well), but the actual shower.  I’ve perfected the art of washing my hair one-handed as I read.  Granted, I like to let both the shampoo and the conditioner sit on my hair–a couple of minutes for the shampoo and up to 10 for the conditioner–so having reading material makes the time pass faster.  Shave my armpits and read?  Check!  Shaving the legs is a bit harder, though, so I generally have to put the book down before doing that.  Yes, my books do get a bit warped because of spray and the moisture in the bathroom.


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  1. Reading in the shower is too funny. How the heck do you manage that. 🙂

    • very carefully. 😀 It’s just a matter of finding the best place to hold the book to minimize the spray, and drying off your non-book holding hand before you switch to wash the other one. 😀
      I’ve also taken my Kindle in there, but…I’m too paranoid I’m going to drop it and ruin it, so that’ s only happened twice.

  2. Okay, reading in the shower seems a BIT much. :p

    A lot of libraries do fine free months where you can have your fines forgiven by bringing in a little canned food to donate to food banks, or something like that. 🙂

    • It’s actually been like 12 years since that happened, so they probably don’t even have a record of the fines anymore…but I’m paranoid that they do and will ban me from the library…and somehow have told every library in the area (my library is an independant, it’s not connected to either the big town that borders us library or the BIG CITY 40 min norht of us) about me and THEY’LL ban me, too. Unfounded fear? Yes, but I still refuse to get a library card because of it. 🙂

  3. Great list. I am with you on the Twilight series, the only difference being that I wanted to read them BEFORE I got an e-reader, so yes, they are dirtying up my house. I can offer them for the burning?

    And yes, the Kindle = so much horrid free reading material. I had to wean myself away from it after I started to realize how much good stuff it was making me miss out on!

    • I pretty much only read my kindle in bed after my husband’s gone to sleep, so it’s not making me miss out on *too* much good stuff, as I have hard copies of what I consider to be good stuff. But still…I read way too much of it!

  4. Lol…my sis takes her phone into the shower with her (in a baggy) to listen to music, but I don’t think I could take a book. That’s some talent! 🙂

    I half agree with you on Mr Darcy. I just read that this year ( ) and it took me at least half of the book to like him or the story. But after that, I was on board.

    And I kind of didn’t like Harry & Ginny together either. Mostly because Ginny in the movies was so dull and spiritless compared to book Ginny. (IMHO)

    • I feel like I *should* like Jane Austen…but I just can’t get into any of her books. I do have a free copy of persuasion on my Kindle, and I”ll eventually get around to trying to make it all the way through it. But, ugh. Yeah.

  5. I have never been able to finish Pride and Prejudice or any other Jane Austen I’ve tried to read… she is just not for me, I guess.

    Also, I want to learn to read in the shower… they need to make a waterproof kindle, I think!

    • I remember back when the kindle first came out, people were just sticking their Kindles in…quart sized ziplock baggies, I think, and reading in the tub that way. I have a Kindle Fire, and I don’t think a baggie would work quite so well for that….

  6. I almost admitted I read in the shower but I didn’t!! LOL! I read in the shower too, and my husband thinks this is both weird and impressive. My mom just thought it was weird. Lol. So good to know I am not the only one.

    • Ha, I think my mom and your husband react the same way as mine. 😀 He came in one time and was like…”are you…READING?”

      Everyone else seems to think it’s weird, too, so I’m glad I’m not the only one out there!

  7. I totally edit and occasionally fact check as I read (Does Interstate 90 really go through *that* city? I don’t think it does. I must know!). I’m always catching spelling and grammar problems, but I’m *really* proud of myself when I spot some sort of less obvious continuity error like a name of a very minor character changing at random or something happening out of sequence. Sometimes I enjoy being close with my inner editor, other times I wish I could just turn it off!

    • When I was writing for NaNo last year, I practically *lived* on Googlemaps, because I set my story in Wyoming…which is like 1700 miles from me, and while the town was fictional, I put it i an area that was *not* fictional. Had to make sure the distances and roads were correct, dangit!

  8. I wish I could figure out how to read in the shower! I have found myself editing books as I read as well. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

    • I don’t recommend it if you have neck problems. 😀 I pretty much hold the book slightly above head level to keep it out of the spray.

  9. I definitely agree on the whole Harry and Ginny thing.
    Also, with respect to the library cards… I don’t have one for where we have lived over the past few years, I share one with my husband. He suspects he has paid enough money in fines between the two of us to fund a whole section of the place (in my defense, I am usually good at returning things on time, but he usually takes them back for me).

    • I think I used to pay enough in fines that my library growing up probably lost a chunk of their funding when I went to college. 😀

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