Writing Prompts #11

It’s been a while–my writing group took a “mini-hiatus” for a bit due to the moderator’s son’s birthday falling on the day we would have had our last meeting.  This week’s meeting was a lot of fun–we may have spent more time laughing than writing…

Prompt #1

We were shown an advertisement from the back of a magazine.  I could *not* for the life of me find it online to show you, so I had to badly depict it through Paintbrush–and yes, those are toilets.  It was a picture of a woman dressed in dark blues with a long flowy cape riding a sled through…either ice or the ocean (or both) being pulled by…TOILETS.  Our prompt was to try to tell the story of what was going on in that picture.

Audrina streaked across the ocean’s surface on her shark-drawn carriage.  She loved the feeling of the salty sea wind through her dark auburn locks.  The three sharks drawing her carriage dove and leapt, playing like the dolphins that drew her sister Aurana’s carriage.  She loved her fierce steeds, with their sleek grey skin and sharp teeth.

Suddenly, the carriage jerked to a stop.  Audrina shook her damp tresses back out of her face.  in front of her, balancing easily atop a stationary wave stood Ursula, the Sea Witch.  Her octopus legs moved restlessly through the foam of her wave.

Audrina shrank back slightly, remembering her sister Ariel’s encounter, then squared her shoulders.  “What do you want, witch?”

Ursula’s blood-red lips curled up slightly.  “I saw you drive that chariot of your through my undersea garden last night.  You need to pay for its destruction!”

Before Audrina could move, Ursula exhaled a fog onto Audrina and her sharks.  When the fog cleared, Ursula was gone, and Audrina’s beloved sharks had been turned into…toilets?

Prompt #2

This was actually a three-part prompt–we were given 3 selections from the Darwin Awards and were told to explain why or how exactly the situation ended up occurring.  I’ve linked to the page on the Darwin Awards so that you can read the story.

Darwin Award #1One Track Mind (Man is punted by a train trying to save his Porche SUV)

It had been a long, hard night of partying out at Oktoberfest, and Gerhard was still slightly–okay mostly–drunk the next morning.  His commute was made even worse by a traffic accident, which created a huge line up of cars as policemen directed traffic around the mangled wreck.

Late, drunk, and 3/4 asleep, Gerhard inched his Porche Cayenne onto the railroad tracks.  A felling in the back of his drink clouded mind told him it was a bad idea–what if a train came?  “It’s rush hour,” he told himself, “they wouldn’t schedule a train to come through now.”  He just barely finished his thought when the bright orange bars began to descend and the bells began to pound through his alcohol soaked brain…

Darwin Award #2Love Crushed Sex (Man is crushed to death under his own SUV by his wife)

“Honey, I really think you need to dig that hole a bit deeper…” Bryan said, eyeballing the shallow pit underneath the narrow 2×4.

“But then you won’t get the right sensation,” Stephanie answered, starting up Bryan’s SUV.

Brian experienced a pleasure so intense that he saw God…

Darwin Award #3Man Slices off Own Penis (man is found unconscious in his brother’s front yard penisless, blames a mystery woman, but eventually admits to doing it himself)

“Hey, guys!  Look at what I can do!”  /kerSCHWING

“Dude, that’s embarrassing…”

“It’s okay, I’ll just tell them your sister did it.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over there, reading Darwin Awards…

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  1. Hey there. I love the writing prompts idea. Is there a blog or group I can join to do this too or is it just a regional group of friends?

    • We used to make sure we had Skype capability for those who wanted to join in remotely, but no one ever logged in. If you live in my area (it’s northeast Ohio) you are welcome to join us!

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