Top Ten Tuesday!

That’s right, my friends!  It’s Top Ten Tuesday day!  Click on the banner to be transported to the magical land of the Broke and the Bookish, sponsors of TTT!

This week is going to be fun–Halloween books!  I love reading spooky books this time of year, and I actually know *where* my ghost tales book is this year so I can read it at night and scare the pants off of myself!  I’d say I’ll have to sleep with the light on, but I have a tendency to fall asleep while reading anyway…so it’s not that big of a change.
I’ve linked to the Goodreads pages of some of the lesser familiar books if you want to find out more about them!  All links open up in a new window.
This also appears to be my THIRTEENTH Top Ten Tuesday!  How…appropriate.

Top Ten Books To Get In The Halloween Spirit

1.  Haunted Heritage by Micheal Norman and Beth Scott–I picked this up on a whim almost a decade ago around Halloween, and it’s become my favorite tradition to read stories in this book and, as I mentioned above, scare the pants off myself.  The authors have gathered ghost stories and legends from just about every state/region in the country, as well as a few from Canada.

2.  Salem’s Lot by Stephen King–probably my favorite of his books (partly because it’s subtly about vampires and probably because it’s not the weighty tomes that The Tommyknockers and IT are), it’s creepy and strange and…Stephen King.  LOVE this book.  Of course, you could probably list *most* of Stephen King’s books on this list, but I figured I’d just list my favorite and let you think of your favorite, as well.

3.  The Bunnicula series by James Howe–okay, I think this book/series has made it onto like three of my last four lists.  It’s just so…fun!  And cute!  And it has crazy Chester the cat!  I love Chester, he’s such a spaz.

4.  Dollhouse by Anya Allyn–creepy, twisted, and creepy.  Girl likes boy.  Boy’s girlfriend goes missing in the woods.  Girl tries to help boy find his girlfriend and gets kidnapped herself.  There is just…so much creep in this book that it’s perfect for Halloween reading!

5.  Matt Archer:  Monster Hunter by Kendra C. Highley–I signed up to win a copy of this book, but didn’t…but the author contacted me and asked if I wanted a free ecopy.  HECK YEAH!  It’s a neat middle grade book about a kid who acquires his uncle’s “magic” knife by accident…and now he hunts monsters at night in the wilds of Montana.  For the Army.

6.  Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky–Violet can see ghosts, just like her mom.  She lives above a funeral home with Buster, a pet poltergeist, and her dad, a mortitian.  This is a fun, quirky YA paranormal (but the only vampire is a “half vampire”!).  Great book, highly recommended, perfect Halloween reading.

7.  The Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay (then watch the Showtime Series)–Dexter is a serial killer…of serial killers.  A horrific experience when he was very little left him emotionless with the urge to kill and a Dark Passenger.  His adoptive father grooms him into what he is today–a killer of killers.  LOVE these books!

8.  Graves’ End by Sean Patrick Traver–a noir-style novel set in the LA area.  PI Dexter Graves is pretty sure he died a long time ago, but for some reason he’s resurected…to solve his own murder.  This book is *excellent*, especially if you love noir crime movies/novels.

9.  Fear Street series (any of them) by RL Stine–LOVE these books (okay I love a lot of books…).  They’re a bit corny, a bit cheesy, but they’re fast reads, and they’re page turners.  NO SUKI DON’T GO INTO THE WOODS!  It’s almost like reading one of those bad horror movies…you want to yell at them to not do that…but you know they’re gonna do it anyway.

10.  The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde–a story about a painting that ages instead of its subject…wierd and creepy!  I read this book for high school, but it was one of the ones I enjoyed enough that I picked up a copy of it later on, and have read several times since.

Runners up:

A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott, Pet Semetary by Stephen King, Where the Dead Talk by Ken Davis, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton, anything by Christopher Pike, anything by LJ Smith.


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  1. I’ve officially read none of these. But I hope to get to THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GREY soon! And BUNNICULA sounds fun.

    • The Bunnicula books are great middle grade books–they’re about a family who finds a bunny in a theater in a box of dirt..and he has a suspiciously dracula like widow’s peak (white bunny with black markings), and the cat, Chester immediately decides that he’s a vampire. He leads the family dog, Harold, around on wild goose chases, and the books are just fantastic!

  2. I was thisclose to putting ‘Salem’s Lot on my list, too. It’s one of my favorite King novels up there with IT. Dexter is a brilliant suggestion, and I have to admit that you’ve made me nostalgic for some Fear Street cheesy goodness. Love your list, and looking forward to more of your Top Ten Tuesdays!

    • I think I read ‘Salem’s Lot more times than all the rest of King’s books combined. LOOOOOVED it!

      I’m getting the urge to dig up my box o fear streets and read a few. 😀

  3. I love Dorian Grey! It is so creepy and awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • I was that weird kid in high school that actually liked most of the books they “forced” us to read…I even liked the Scarlet Letter post-chapter 12. 😀

  4. Oh, Bunnicula! Thanks for reminding me of my favorite childhood series.

    • I didn’t own Bunnicula for some reason, but had the next 3-4 books in the series, and about read the covers off of all of them.

  5. Spookygirl sounds like a fun read. Great list, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It is! I could be a wee bit biased as the author and I have been internet pals for a long time…but it’s a great read!

  6. I agree, ANY Stephen King book could be on this list. I had Pet Sematary on mine. I’ve always wanted to read Dorian Grey.

    • Dorian Grey is a really good, really creepy book, I highly recommend it!

  7. I can agree with the Dexter books. I had nightmares after reading the third one… kept dreaming that I bought a pottery studio and was locking people in the kiln and turning it on….

    Great list.

    • That one was particularly bad…considering it was the kids who were supposed to be locked in that statue and barbequeued!
      Dexter is one of the few series that my husband and I both read (the other one is the Jack Reacher series)–we have such different tastes in books…which kind of sucks, because we can’t really swap books at all!

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