From my Kindle #2

I’ve decided to make this a monthly feature here at A Random Flood of Words.  You get to see the crap I read off of my Kindle every month!  Yay!

1.  City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (finished 10/1)–one of the few books I actually paid for…and it was only $.99.  I lucked into some sort of sale in the Kindle store a few months ago, and then decided to save it for when I was tired of the partially edited/poorly written/just plain crap I got for free from the Top 100 Free list.  I really enjoyed it, though I did make the  mistake of reading some reviews on Goodreads…and found there’s a big controversy about plagiarism in Ms. Clare’s works (though from what I can tell, most of the plagiarism was in her fanfic works and only used chunks of her own writings in the actual published works).  So now I’m torn about reading the rest of the series…4 stars

2.  She’s Not There by Marla Madison (finished 10/4)–I had a hard time with this one, mostly because the physical book I was reading and this book were set in the same general location and I kept mixing up the two storylines.  She’s Not There tells the story of a group of people investigating the disappearances of abused women.  Who is doing it, and why?  A psychologist and former policewoman team up with two men who have been accused of murdering/abusing their wives to find the answers.  Constant POV changes make the book hard to follow at times, and I gave it 3 stars.

3.  Dollhouse by Anya Allyn (finished 10/8)–Cassie’s friend Aisha goes missing near Devil’s Hole, Australia, and Aisha’s boyfriend Ethan is accused of her kidnapping/murder.  Cassie and her friend Lacey try to find out what happened to Aisha and end up kidnapped themselves.
This book was *twiiiiiiiiiiisted* and scary and creepy and freaky and…twisted.  A definite must read for anyone who loves teen horror, and I gave it 4 stars, dropping down from 5 because the ending is quite abrupt and leaves too many questions unanswered, even considering this is book 1 of a trilogy.

4.  Cutters vs Jocks by Elizabeth Marx (finished 10/9)–a novella prequel to another novel, Binding Arbitration, which I have not read.  This was a super-fast read (I read it in about 2 hours) about Libby and Aiden, students at Indiana University.  Aiden wants Libby, but she knows better than to get involved with a “jock”.  It was quite predictable–girl likes boy but won’t admit it, boy chases girl, girl finally gives into boy, gets pregnant and tells boy to eff off.
I probably would have enjoyed this story more if I’d read Binding Arbitration, but the writing was good enough to garner this novella 3 stars.

5.  Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson (finished 10/12)–Christian Fiction, so has strong undertones and outright declarations of Christianity.  Camden is broke and her last photography job went belly up and didn’t pay her, so she decides to visit the grandmother she hasn’t seen since she was 12 years old.  She returns to her father’s hometown of Etherton, Oh only to find her grandmother died 5 days ago from bone cancer.  She has, however, been left the house and a HUGE family mystery to solve.
This is an enjoyable book, but it honestly feels like the author went back and added most of the Christian stuff *after* the book was finished.  This earned it 3 out of 5 stars.

6.  John Dies at the End by David Wong–originally a web-only series, it’s been published in both ereader and book format.  I won a copy of the second book (This Book is Full of Spiders) from Goodreads, and…it’s just not one of those books where you can jump in in the middle of the series and start reading.  John Dies at the End is a strange book full of even stranger things (Soy Sauce, anyone?), almost reads like a conspiracy theory manifesto, and I gave it 3 stars…and now I don’t know if I want to read Spiders…

Currently reading:
7.  Scott Nicholson Library vol.3 containing Cursed, October Girls, The Dead Live Longer, and Speed Dating with the Dead–A great collection of novels for the Halloween season!  I’ve finished Cursed and I’m about halfway through October Girls, which I’m enjoying immensely.

I also read several graphic novels on my Kindle this month–The Cape by Joe Hill (not to be confused with the now defunct NBC show), Penny Arcade Volume 1:  Attack of the Bacon Robots, Penny Arcade Volume 2:  Epic Legends of the Magic Sword King, and xkcd Volume 0.  I find reading graphic novels/comic books on my Kindle/iPhone to be a LOT easier than actual hard copy–my eyes don’t get the chance to zoom around looking at all the pretty colors, because generally you have to zoom in from panel to panel anyway.

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