Not sure exactly what this is, but a friend blogged about 13 reasons why he does National Novel Writing Month (you can visit his post here to see why he writes), and I thought that was a perfect topic for November!  I also missed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday due to it being a “freebie” week and with my brain already overtaxed with Wolf Girlisms, I just didn’t have the brainpower to actually remember to DO TTT this week…heh.  So, here are my Thursday Thirteen Reasons Why I Do National Novel Writing Month!

1.  It’s writing.  A lot.  At least 50,000 words in 30 days.  It may not be “good” stuff, but it’s getting those story ideas out on paper and fleshed out.

2.  I meet lots of really neat people.  I had WriMos at my wedding, and went to a few of theirs.  I roadtripped all the way to California with one when she  moved there.  That’s over 3,000 miles!

3.  I meet other people who understand, man, they just understand.

4.  I can say, whenever someone says “Oh, I want to write a book someday.”  “Really?  I’ve written 7.”  It makes their eyes pop out.

5.  It forces me to write.  Sometimes I get lazy and won’t write for a couple of weeks.  In November, I know I’ll be writing almost every day!

6.  The world needs my novel.  And other awesome Chris Baty-isms.

7.  Crazy all night write ins…though my current region doesn’t really do this, there were Saturday nights where we’d start writing at 6 pm at Panera, move to Eat N Park until we ran out of laptop juice, then move to a WriMo’s apartment and write until 4 am.  Then I’d get up and have to be at work on 10 AM on Sunday.  It was crazy but sooo much fun.  You’d start out 2000 words behind and end up 3000 words ahead.

8.  That feeling you get when you’re ahead on word count.  I could not write today and tomorrow and still be on par.  It’s nice to have a cushion for later in the month when you’re feeling a bit burnt out or can’t write because of Thanksgiving.

9.  The push you feel when you’re behind on word count…I could take a nap or watch a TV show…but I’m 1000 words behind so I really should write.  Sometimes it works, sometimes TV just wins out.

10.  The excuse to drink yummy coffee drinks and camp out in local coffee houses, Starbucks, and Paneras.  Caffeine is a writer’s best friend (don’t listen to what my husband says…he thinks all writers are drunken chain smokers…), and what WriMos consume during November probably equals the GNP of a small country.  Too bad I gave up caffeine a year ago, but there are plenty of caffeine free beverages out there to enjoy!

11.  Being told to turn off your inner editor–sometimes the biggest stumbling block to writing a novel is your inner editor.  He/she wants to polish every word before moving on to the next, and sometimes people just don’t manage to push past that tiny little person sitting on their shoulder overlooking their every word.

12.  Books like The Night Circus, Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator and Water for Elephants?  Yeah, those books were NaNo novels–ever think what would happen if those authors had not found out about or had decided to not do NaNo?  Hmmm…

13.  That incomparable feeling you get when you cross the 50k finish line and upload your novel to the NaNoWriMo website.  Seeing that blue bar turn purple with the word WINNER across it is one of the best feelings in the world.  Plus, you get some “goodies” like a certificate to print out and web badges for your blog/journal/webpage/whatever.

So, why do YOU do NaNoWriMo?

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