Top Ten Tuesday!

It’s Thanksgiving week everyone (well, if you’re in the United States, that is.  The silly Canadians had theirs already).  This week’s Top Ten list is going to be very thankful, and about a lot of things!  But only 10 of them!

Okay, I’m being silly–it’s the NaNo that does it.  It makes my brain go all to mush and makes me feel guilty when I type words somewhere that do NOT go into the Word file.  Heh.

 Top Ten Books/Authors I’m Thankful For

1.  Mercedes Lackey–I’m thankful for her because I know that I’ll have “go-to” fantasy as long as she’s writing books.  I may not read much in her Heralds of Valdemar series (mostly because she’s been writing it for so long that her original canon has gotten lost and/or forgotten as she continues to write them), but I love her Elemental Masters series.  I also really enjoyed that a lot of her early books are actually illustrated with some fascinating and beautiful drawings by Larry Dixon.

2.  The Harry Potter Series–I generally leave most HP references off of my TTT list (because I know I’ll see them everywhere else, too :D), but this is the prefect list to have it on.  I’ve enjoyed the books countless times and often escaped into Hogwarts with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine in daydreams.  I also appreciate it because I know that this series either brought people back into the world of reading, or introduced them to it.

3.  Judy Blume–my mom always made sure I had a never-ending stream of good books to read, and I loved Judy Blume.  She tackled the difficult adolescent issues with ease and made me feel like I wasn’t the only person in the world dealing with some issue or another.

4.  Fairytale retellings–there are a lot out there that I haven’t read, but a lot I have.  Mercedes Lackey does a wonderful job, I *love* Gregory Maguire’s books, and I’ve found a couple of cute free Kindle books that do a good job as well, notably UnEnchanted.  I love fairy tales in general, and when people put a new spin on them…it makes me happy.  I think my next “have to get” book is going to be Cinder.

5.  Faye Kellerman–she writes novels from a unique perspective that you don’t see very often in books.  Her main characters, Rina and Peter Decker are Orthodox Jewish.  She describes Peter’s conversion and Rina’s dedication to her religion and people intertwined with the cases that Decker investigates.  She works in little details that you don’t think about in normal life–such as places that serve meat will not serve cheese, painting a positive viewpoint of a people who have been beleaguered and oppressed for centuries.  I love her books (I read her husband, Jonathan, as well, but he always seems to stick in some stereotypical Jewish character or backhanded comment).

6.  By the Numbers series by Janet Evanovitch–this series was recommended to me around the same time by two completely different people–my friend Susan and my mom.  Mom and I used to pass these books back and forth, and she even got my dad into reading them, so now Dad and I pass them back and forth.  It’s one of the few series my dad will actually read (he’s not a reader at all).  They’re great “escape” reads and even though the books are getting a bit..meh, I’ll probably still read every one that is published because of how I was introduced to it.

7.  Louisa May Alcott–while I haven’t read her entire catalogue, she is one of the few authors from her era that I actually enjoy.  I used to read Little Women 2-3 times a year growing up, and I have a fantastic collector hard bound edition that has gilt edges that I just absolutely love.  She had a way of writing that somehow works even now.

8.  Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Patterson–I still giggle when I hear “We pause for identification”, because this is the first place I read this joke.  “We paws, get it?”  The story of twins fighting for their parents attention is a fantastic coming of age story set on an island.  One of my all time favorite YA reads.

9.  Diana Gabaldon–her books are well written, well researched, and just overall fantastic (except for The Firey Cross, but I blame her publishers for rushing her).  I enjoy her Lord John books, even though I’m not fond of Lord John in the Outlander series

10.  The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough–I know this was on last week’s desert island reads, but…I can’t help it.  It’s one of my top 3 all time favorite books.  Meggie is one of my favorite heroines, and the forbidden love between her and the priest Ralph…is one of my top favorite love stories.  I just love this book–I cry when the baby dies, when Paddy dies, when Ralph leaves Meggie, and at other points.  LOVE this book.


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  1. I loved Judy Blume too! She was so important to young girls back then. 🙂 I also loved Gregory Maguire’s books, but I haven’t read the latest 2 Oz books. I should do that soon. Great list!

    • I started a Lion Among Men, but I only got a few pages into it because I got a bunch of books the day after I started it (love the flea market!) and you know how it is–you want to read the new shinies RIGHT NOW no matter what! 😀

  2. JK Rowling is oon my list as well. Great choices!

    My Top Ten:

    • I think JK Rowling or Harry Potter made it onto just about every list. I’m thankful because you can almost credit that series for making YA lit a more mainstream, popular, and more importantly, viable genre!

  3. I loved Gregory Maguire’s books. Re-tellings of fairy tales are some of my favorites. Great list 🙂

    • It’s just so interesting to see how many interpretations are out there! Some of them deviate a bit *too* much for my liking, but there are still plenty of other ones that are fantastic!

  4. Yay for Harry Potter! I also love fairy tale retellings. Have you tried any from Shannon Hale, or Robin Mckinley, or Gail Carson Levine? I’ll have to add Mercedes Lackey to my list. 😀

    • I don’t think I have (except for maybe some Robin Mckinley ages ago), so I’ll have to check them out!

  5. Great list! I am a huge fan of fairy tale retellings as well…Cinder is amazing, btw!

    • I really want to read it! My last order from Amazon, I waffled back and forth on getting Cinder or The Night Circus…TNC won because it was close to November and it was a NaNo novel, but Cinder is on my I WANT TO READ NOW list!

  6. Yay another fairy tale retelling fanatic! I’ll have to check out the rest of your blog.

    • Hope you like it, though it’s more focused on writing than books. 🙂

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