From my Kindle #3

1.  Scott Nicholson vol. 3 (including Cursed, October Girls, Speed Dating for the Dead and The Dead Love Longer) finished 11/?–Okay okay, I keep reading other things than finishing these books.  I have finished Cursed and October Girls, and I’m slogging my way through The Dead Love Longer.  The issue?  I’ve already *read* something extremely similar to The Dead Love Longer (Grave’s End), and it was a lot better executed.  I’m not saying that it’s a bad book (it’s not), but it’s just not as well done as Grave’s End was.  I’ll probably go back to this when I finish off my Princess Diaries books (see below).

2.  Pretty Little Liars #5 Wicked by Sara Shepherd finished 11/1–I loved the first four books (which I read before the TV show came out thankyouverymuch).  Four spoiled little girls obsessed with grades, swimming, clothing, and most of all, popularity are stalked by yet *another* person calling him/herself A.  I could smell the twist coming from page 1 of this book.  4 out of 5 stars

3.  Pretty Little Liars #6 Killer by Sara Shepherd finished 11/2–Starting to fall out of love with the series.  Having A come back and terrorize the girls again in less imaginative ways than the original A is getting, well, a bit old.  Oh, hey, there’s the twist I saw coming from page 1 of book 5!  3 out of 5 stars

4.  Pretty Little LIars #7 Heartleass by Sara Shepherd finished 11/4–Oh, he’s the killer, she’s the killer, wait no…hold on, HE’S the killer!  Oh my!  Still enjoying the series, but not as much as before.  Sigh.  3 out of 5 stars again.

5.  Pretty Little Liars #8 Wanted by Sara Shepherd finished 11/6–This was not a great ending to the next four books.  It was way too predictable as to who the new A was going to be, exactly what was going on with several of the characters (though I’m still not 100% on all of Wilden’s actions).  Oh, and the authors note at the end says it will be the end of the series…oops, it’s not!  3 out of 5 stars.  I have 1 more PLL book to read, and it will more than likely be my last, unless #9 exceeds my expectations.

6.  Pretty Little LIars #9 Twisted by Sara Shepherd finished 11/9–actually wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be.  I don’t, however, feel the need to go out and get the last few books of the series.  The fact that “A” keeps re-popping back up is just…too much now.  Why not have a new villan who does not feel the need to step into the much used shoes of past As?  3 stars

7.  30 Something–Nothing’s How it was Supposed to be By by Fillipa Fonesca Silva finished 11/11–I got this for free from a banner ad on Facebook.  Originally written in Portuguese, this is the story of a group of college friends getting together for dinner years after graduation.  They’ve all remained friends throughout the years, more or less. It’s more of a novella than a novel, and I felt like this would probably have been a lot better in the original language–the translation did not do it any favors.  It was an interesting story, though, and I gave it 3 stars.

8.  The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet finished 11/21–I recently taped and watched the Reelz adaptation of this book’s sequel (World Without End), and was intrigued enough to find the book and read it, but found it was part of a (very short) series, and this is the first book.  It’s a mammoth of a book about 12 century England and cathedral building.  The language is not befitting of a novel set in midevil times, and that *really* detracts from the story.  It’s a decent book for people who aren’t interested in historical fiction for accuracy, but rather for entertainment value only, and I gave it 3 generous stars.

9.  The Princess Diaries #1 by Meg Cabot finished 11/23–It’s NaNo, and having fun, easy reads are a *must* this month.  I probably should have kept Pillars for December, honestly, so I’m following that up with some nice, light YA fluff fiction.  Mia discovers she’s a princess, and I always forget that the dead dad plot point of the movie is NOT present in the book.  Prince Phillip is alive and well in the series, and Princess Clarisse is not at all Julie Andrews-esque, she’s more…Cruella deVille.  LOVE this series, 4 stars.

10.  The Princess Diaries #3 by Meg Cabot finished 11/24–I skipped book 2, it’s not on my Kindle for some reason, and I was in the middle of The Great Gatsby in real book form, and it was too good to interrupt to read my paperback copy of book 2.  More about Mia’s life, still in diary form:  Mia has a boyfriend, except it’s not the boy she really wants.  More easy, fast, fun reading, 4 stars.

11.  The Princess Diaries #4 by Meg Cabot finished 11/25–Mia has finally gotten together with long time crush (and older brother to her best friend Lilly) Michael Moscowitz, but Grandmere seems determined to keep them apart with royal princess duties.  Mia is such a fun character–I can totally relate, being a tall, awkward, clutzy geek with no chest in high school, as well.  At least Mia has a boyfriend in high school…4 stars.

12.  The Princess Diaries #5 by Meg Cabot finished 11/26–Mia’s faced with the prospect of a summer in Genovia away from her beloved Micheal, a disastrous birthday dinner that caused a massive service industry strike, and worst of all, Micheal does NOT WANT TO GO TO THE PROM.  I am…so over the Prom right now.  I get that Mia’s has a bit of an obsessive personality, but she went overboard in this book.  I’m hoping that this does not continue in book #6.  3 Prom-devoid stars.

13.  The Princess Diaries #6 by Meg Cabot finished 11/30–Mia’s a sophomore now, dealing with the fact that her best friend has nominated her for student council president and the fact that Michael is now in college and she won’t see him on a daily basis now.  For someone who has a boyfriend that has no problem telling her how much he loves her, Mia sure has some relationship issues that, honestly, should be killing it.  Oh, and college boys expect their girlfriends to DO IT.  AMG.  3 stars out of 5…the diaries are starting to loose their luster…

Can you tell it was NaNo?  Other than Pillars of the earth, everything I read was fluffy YA (and some of that was rereads, as well).  My brain just can’t handle the “good” stuff in November, I guess!  😀


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