From my Kindle #4

1.  Various Princess Diaries books and novellas by Meg Cabot finished between 11/28 and 12/5–finishing up the series, finally!  Mia was getting suuuuuuuper annoying there at the end, and I almost didn’t read #10.  I’m glad I did, though I’m not sure why we got 4 books during Mia’s Freshman year, and then only 1 book each for her Junior and Senior years.  In fact, we don’t see *anything* of Mia from about the middle of her Junior year until right before graduation.  It was quite a leap, but Mia grew up so much during that break that it was crazy!  Sure, she was still a bit obsessive and neurotic, but nothing near the last several books.  Forever Princess was a decent ending to the series, and I’m glad I managed to read it.

2.  The Gemma Doyle Trilogy (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, The Sweet, Far Thing) by Libba Bray finished 12/8, 11.13)–Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I love love loved these books!  Set in Victorian times, I thought I had a chance to not like them in the way I didn’t like Souless, but the big difference between the two series is that the Gemma Doyle books are written in a more modern style, it’s just set in Victorian times.  The first book also starts in English controlled India, which I find fascinating.  5/5 stars for Beauty, 4/5 for Angels and Sweet, Far.  I cannot WAIT to read more Libba Bray!!

3.  Love is Strong as Death by Carolyn Nash finished 12/15–I saw an ad somewhere, probably on Facebook, advertising the first episode of assorted Kindle serials for free if you emailed Plympton Press, the publisher.  As I *love* free things for my Kindle, I hopped right on that one and got the first episode of this, The Many Lives of Lilith Lane, and Hacker Mom.  I enjoyed all of them, but only liked Lilith enough to buy the rest of the episodes.  I received, last month, the opportunity to receive the full copies of the serials for free–so HECK YEAH!  Love is Strong as Death tells the story of Rachel, Terry, and Peter and their relationship to an old estate that recently was put up for sale.  About halfway through the story it is apparent exactly where its going, but the story is extremely well told that you don’t really care about the predictability, and I awarded it 4/5 stars.

4.  World Without End by Ken Follet finished 12/20–while I felt this flowed better than Pillars of the Earth, it’s still not what I’ve come to expect from epic historical fiction.  Follet should probably stick to his normal genre and leave this to someone else.  3/5 stars.

5.  James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing by G Norman Lippert finished 12/25–Lippert started writing James Potter fanfiction when his wife and child were upset about the ending of the HP series.  While this starts out suuuuuuuuuuuper slow (it was veering into this is so boring and I hate the changes he made I think I’ll DNF this book…), about 25% of the way through the book it picks up and gets interesting.  While there are several almost deal-breaking changes to normal HP cannon (students eating at tables that aren’t their houses’, visiting other common rooms, mixed years in classes and dormitories, first years trying out for Quiddich w/o having even a single flying lesson to name a few), once actual plot shows up and the action starts, the book gets interesting.  3/5 stars

6.  Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Black finished 12/–O.  M.  G.  SO GOOD.


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