Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  It’s a brand new year and a brand new Top Ten Tuesday!  What a great way to start out the new year!  I’m also supposed to have a book club meeting tonight, but I have a feeling we’ll be postponing that until NEXT Tuesday, as all of our usual meeting spots will more than likely be closed.

I’m not going to lie–this topic is super easy for me, it’s almost like putting together another “shelf of 10” (and I can use this list as a shelf of 10 to kick off my new year, too!).  If you’re not familiar with the “shelf of 10”, it’s a list of 10 books that you say you will read in order until you finish it and usually composed of books that you’ve been saying for ages that you were going to read and just…never get around to because of new arrivals or whatever reason.
I kept my list to books that have already been released (otherwise…oof, that would have been horrible to decide!) and mostly stuck to books I actually own.  Mostly.  Oh, and I kept to books I own in physical copies, not on my Kindle (though see the end of the post for a list of Kindle books I’m looking forward to in 2013).

Top Ten Books I resolve to read in 2013

1.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern–I picked this up in October, when I cashed in a couple of Amazon gift cards to buy my husband his birthday Kindle as well as a couple of “treats” for me.  The Night Circus was one, and Soulless by Gail Carriger was the other.  I managed to read Soulless, but The Night Circus still hasn’t been touched yet.

2.  Black Magic Sanction/Pale Demon/A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison–okay, I’m lumping three books into this, but they’re all by the same author from the same series, so it’s counts!  😀  A friend of mine sent me her ARC of A Perfect Blood, which meant I had to procure the other two (I was a bit behind), and I’ve been picking them up and putting them down for a while now.  Too many new shiny books!

3.  Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier–I picked this up around Halloween, intending to read it as it showed up on a bunch of Halloween TTT this year, but I didn’t make it much past the first two paragraphs.  I went and read Christopher Pike, instead.

4.  Beauty Queens (or anything by this author) by Libba Bray–it’s after Christmas, and while my wonderful husband did listen to me somewhat (I got Firefly for Christmas, let’s hear it for Nathan Fillion’s naked butt!), I did not, despite my heavy-handed hints, get Beauty Queens for Christmas, so not only is this on my books to read for 2013, it’s also on my “have to GET this book in 2013”.

5.  Cinder by Marissa Meyer (and Scarlet, too!)–This also falls into the above category of “have to GET in 2013”.  A cyborg retelling of Cinderella, I have to get my hands on this!  I want to see exactly how Ms. Meyer manages to take the classic tale of Cinderella and manages to get cyborgs into the story.

6.  Still Alice by Lisa Genova–My mother in law lent this to me on Christmas Day, and as this book belongs to her sister, I’d like to get it read and returned to her in a timely fashion.  Everyone I know that’s read Lisa Genova says that her books are excellent, as well, so I’m wondering how she’ll stack up to my standards.

7.  The Secret Country by Pamela Dean–I picked this up last year at the Akron Reading Festival (my book club has a table every year where we gather up a TON of books and “release” them into the wilds…aka give away free books).  Of course, we also take some books for ourselves, last year I managed to keep it to a dozen, and this was one of them.  I promised to lend it to another girl in the club after I finished reading it, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet–though I know she’s not waiting impatiently for it, because she’s a teen librarian and…well, she has plenty of other books to keep her busy.

8.  A Wanted Man by Lee Child–the most recent Jack Reacher book in the series, it’s also about the ONLY books my husband and I both read (the other series we both read are the Dexter books).  I got this for him for Christmas, which is sort of a present for both of us–but I make sure he gets to read it first, as it is *his* book, after all.

9.  Tomb with a View by Casey Daniels–I’ve actually only read the first two books in the Pepper Martin series (Don of the Dead and The Chick and the Dead), but they are so cute and funny and they’re set about 45 minutes north of me (YAY LOCAL AUTHOR!).  I met her last year at the Buckeye Book Fair and picked up an autographed copy of Tomb with a View, but Tomb is like…book 7 in the series, so I have a bit of catching up to do before I can actually *get* to this book!  If you haven’t heard of this series and like light paranormal books (Pepper sees ghosts and tries to help them “move on”), you should definitely check this series out!

10.  The Hobbit–I read the trilogy, of course, but I haven’t gotten around to reading The Hobbit yet.  My friends, for their wedding, bought me really nice leather-bound boxed copies of both as bridesmaids gifts, and they’re both still in pristine condition in the plastic they came in.  This is one reason I haven’t made it to see the movie yet–the other is it’s impossible to get my husband to *go* to movies.  He doesn’t like crowded theaters and prefers to go when the movies is about a week from the DVD release, which is when we saw The Avengers for the first time.

Runners up (aka books on my Kindle)–Journal of a Lycanthrophile by Fierce Dolan (werewolf erotica), Fluke by David M Elliot and Bart J Hopkins (humorous romance?), The Housewife Assasin’s Handbook by Josie Brown (humorous fiction), Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (classic, Kindle Serial), The Final Apperance of America’s Favorite Girl Next Door by Stephen Stark (short story, fiction), Avalon Revisited by OM Grey (steampunk), The Complete Monster Exchange Program by Terri Bogard (YA short story compilation), Hacker Mom by Austin Rachlis (Kindle Serial), The Burning of Isobel Key by Jen McConnell (paranormal, I think), Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (classic)

What’s on YOUR list for 2013?


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  1. I also want to read Beauty Queens by Libba Bray, but when I tried to read it the first time the vocabulary was so difficult that I couldn’t understand anything 😦 But, anyway, I’ll try again. I hope both love it 😉

    • I downloaded the free sample for my Kindle and I LOVED it. Unfortunately, I got $0 in book gift cards this year (my aunt and cousin used to work for Border’s…), so I’ll have to maybe rely on birthday money. 😀

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