Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday!  I did last week’s, but then totally forgot to actually list it on the Broke and Bookish site, oops!  I may have had a Jello shot or two too many…

This week we’re talking about bookish goals for 2013–this might be difficult.  I’m not sure I really set many goals for books in a year.  Last year, in March, I did set a goal on Goodreads to read 100 books, and I exceeded that (by how many I do not know, as I didn’t start consistently using Goodreads until March), but that was really the only bookish goal I set for myself.  Perhaps this will be a good exercise for me, then!

Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2013

1.  Read at least 125 books.  I upped last year’s goal but about what I figured I read in the first three months of the year, so we’ll see how well I do!

2.  Read more books by people I know.  I have several books on my Kindle and in paperback that were written by people I know personally–My Very Dearest Anna was put together by my husband’s college friend’s youngest sister, and contains letters written from her grandfather to her grandmother written during World War II.  Another friend of my husband wrote a collection of creative non-fiction (and I had to tell him what genre it belonged in, heh) stories of which my husband is in more than a few, so it will be neat to read them from someone else’s perspective.  The sequel to Awakenings should also be coming out this year, as well.

3.  Find and read more Ohio authors–gotta support those local authors!!  I know I need to get my hands on some Cinda Williams Chima books, and I think I put Casey Daniels on my “must read” list for 2013–I’ve read a couple of her books, and I want to read more!

4.  Finish writing and editing Book 2 of the the Queen of Wolves trilogy, and most importantly, give that sucker a title!  I have some friends and family who are poking me for it, so I gotta get it done!  I’ve put almost 1000 words on it in the last few days, so hopefully I can get it finished soon so I can go back in and tear it to shreds, so I can then sew it back together.

5.  Read down my “to read” list–the problem is I keep adding more and more books to my Kindle, at a rate faster than I can actually read.  I need to stop “buying” free things just because they sound interesting, as of right now I have enough on there to keep me busy for several years!  Currently I’ve stopped really looking at the free books so I won’t be so tempted to “buy” them.  Now I just look at them with an eye for what my husband would like.

6.  If I see a movie based on a book, read the book BEFORE seeing the movie.  I’ve already read The Great Gatsby, so I’m set for that when it comes out, and after I finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I’ll be tackling The Hobbit.  I hope to see that one in the theater (along with Les Mis, which I’d like to read before I see that, but I *have* read the abridged version so I’m going to let that count…).

7.  Read more classics.  I’ve, honestly, since I got my Kindle, been reading a *lot* of crap–The Top 100 Free Books and I were *real* tight this year, and while I’ve discovered some really good books, I’ve also read a LOT of crap, and I think I should really cleanse my reading palate a bit more.

8.  STOP HAVING FIVE BOOKS ON MY CURRENTLY READING LIST.  >.<  This is a big one–I’m really bad about starting books as they seem interesting to me, and then I look and I’ve got five or more books I’m in the middle of and I can’t remember what half of them are about.  Currently on that shelf?  The Scorpio Races, The Many Lives of Lilith Lane, A Scott Nicholson box set, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, James Potter and the Vault of Mysteries, and The Monster Exchange Program.  Most of those are on my Kindle–the Scott Nicholson I’ve been bouncing back and forth between, as it’s actually FOUR books all in one, and I actually have Lilith on both my Kindle AND a hard copy (SO SO GOOD WHY HAVE YOU NOT READ IT YET?).  *flail*  I need to go back and read the stuff I started first, but I know I’m totally going to finish The Scorpio Races first.

9.  Stop getting books that end up being partway through the series so then I have to go back and get the first couple of books just so I can go read *that* book.  Mostly this entails keeping my husband from buying those books for me, but I do it sometimes, as well, not realizing the book that looks sooooo darn good is actually book #4 in the series.

10.  Organize my books better.  Right now, they’re spread out over like five rooms–before I moved out to VA for a while, I actually had a pretty good system.  Most of the books were in one room, and I had a shelf in my living room where I kept a couple of shelves of unread books on, so I always knew what books I hadn’t read yet.  Now, my unread books are scattered in almost every room of the house (excluding the kitchen and bathroom, of course).  What I really need to do is pack up the VHS tapes that are residing in that shelf now and put them in the basement.  I never watch them, and it’ll help me keep track of the books I haven’t read yet, so I don’t keep forgetting to read things…like The Hobbit, which I’ve been meaning to read for the last 4 books now.  Oops.

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  1. It sounds like you will be quite busy! I can’t imagine actually reading 125 books in a year, even though I’d love to!

    For #6, you might want to check out — once you “sign the pledge” there’s a pretty interesting newsletter they send out all about books & movies. (I like their badge too, so I put it on my blog, but you certainly don’t have to.) Good luck with your goals!

    • Ooh, thanks for the tip on the books into movies! I’ll have to check that out!

      • you’re welcome 🙂

  2. I also had this problem of having too many books on my Currently-Reading list, took me forever to read, because I just felt torn. Now I’m only having 2 at maximum, and it’s way better and productive.
    Have the same goal about reading classics, it’s a must for me.
    Good luck with your goals and I hope your reading will be interesting and fun!

    • Right now I’m trying to read down my “currently reading” list and failing miserably, mostly because I picked up some books I’ve been salivating over forever (Cinder and the Scorpio Races) so of course I had to read those RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW! but i’ve finished both of those now and will get back into that currently reading list…

  3. Those all sound like wonderful goals. I, too, have a problem with downloading too many books that I can possibly read. I have enough to last me probably 3 years. And I keep buying more and borrowing from the library. I never thought I’d turn into a book hoader, but my Kindle tells me that I have! So I’m right there with you on organizing your books!
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

    • I wish there was a better way to organize my books on my Kindle, as well. I’m sure there probably is…I just don’t know how to do it. Guess I should google that…:D

  4. 125 books! That’s tons, I managed 60 last year and have a goal for 75 this year… one step at a time!

    Top Ten Tuesday

    • Everyone reads at a different pace–there was someone I had a conversation with a couple of weeks ago who read almost triple what I did last year, and I thought *i* was a fast reader! I’ve also had years where I barely (well for me) anything–a couple of years ago I probably only read 45-50 books.
      And sometimes goals and “have to reads” are detrimental–I have two books I should be reading (I owe one person a review and the other one a critique) and…I keep reading other books, because I don’t WANT to do what I SHOULD be doing lol.

  5. #10 was on my list, too. Easier said than done!

    • I know, especially since now I have to share space with my husband’s books..and we don’t read ANY of the same books other than Dexter and Jack Reacher!

  6. Great resolutions! I desperately need to organize my books, I need a cataloguing software.

    My Bookish Goals.

    • I really just need a spot where i can put my unread books so that I’m not running all over going “i could read this book or this book” instead they’ll be in one spot an easily accessible.

      i use goodreads for my cataloguing software. 😀

  7. Sounds like you’ve got some great goals! I just got my Kindle for Christmas, and it is far, far too easy to acquire a lot of books that I can’t keep up with! So, I’m definitely going to have get on board with #5 too, and I haven’t even had my Kindle a month. LOL!

    • The fact I have Book Basset on my facebook feed really doesn’t help…though I have been lately just looking at those books with an eye for what my husband would like…I do have to admit, though, today I downloaded 2 books…but one was Left Behind for free (enjoyed the series adn have been thinking about rereading one or two of them) and Goddess of the Moon Mayan World of Vampires because it just sounded sooooo bad it’s gotta be good. 😀

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