Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten TuesdayIt’s Tuesday so that means it’s time to post my Top Ten for the week!  Last week’s topic (top ten debuts I’m looking forward to in 2013) was not something I could have really even come up with ONE book for, so I skipped it.  This week, however, seems like it’d be pretty cool, so I’m back!

Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

1.  The ocean–wether it be set at the beach or actually IN the ocean, I’d love to see more.  I love visiting the beach and feeling the wet sand squish between my toes and smell the salty air.  There’s just something magical about being near the ocean, even if you’re only close enough to smell a tiny bit of sea air.

2.  Realistic space–not Star Trek or Star Wars space, but something that might *actually* come true in the future.  Something along the lines of what you would find in Eve Dallas’ world, with cars that can fly, the food is mostly made out of soy, and there are outer space colonies.

3.  Frontiers–they can be *any* kind of frontier, not necessarily the Wild West type of frontier.  There’s just something about living on the edge of civilization and scrabbling a living out of the earth.

4.  Mayan jungles/the rainforest–I don’t know if I should even be combining these two, but I am.  My husband likes to tape and watch Apocolypto whenever he finds it on TV, and while I really can’t stand that movie, the setting is just…awesome.

5.  Hidden societies hiding in plain sight–think JK Rowlings wizards and just about every vampire book out there.  Normal everyday people have no clue that right next door is a fantastic, magical world!  I love the different ways authors come up with for people not knowing this other world exists.

6.  Urban settings–a lot of the books I’ve been reading lately are set in small towns, and while I understand that it’s easier to “hide” certain things in smaller towns (hell, my book hinges on small towns), there’s just something about a book set in a large metropolitan area.  Lots of people, interesting shops, and culture!

7.  Recent history–books set in the 1900s, but not necessarily in present time.  The 60s, the 20s, maybe even a bit set in the late 1800s.  One of my favorite reads last year was the Luxe books, set in 1899 Manhattan (gee, that combines #6 AND #7), and I just loooove that series.

8.  Non-boarding school schools–it seems like every time you turn around, there’s another book or series set in a boarding school.  While I enjoy those books, it’s still nice to see books that are set in a “normal” high school–because, honestly, in the US, how many people actually send their kids to boarding school anymore?

9.  Cyberspace–I wonder if this would be do-able.  Maybe something Matrixy, or perhaps just a book set entirely through conversations over the internet?

10.  Australia–I’ve read a few books in the past few months that were set in Australia, and then Amazon Prime has the first 2 seasons of Dance Academy available, so I’ve been watching a lot of that.  There’s just so much potential–Sydney, the outback, and more!  And of course, there is the Australian accent…:D


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  1. Number 10, Australia made my list too. Great pick.

    I think 7 was an interesting pick. It will be interesting to see if books set in the 70s, 80’s, and 90s start becoming popular.

    Here’s mine

    ~Danica Page
    Taking it One Page at a Time

    • A lot of YA readers (excluding the acutal YAs heh) grew up in the 70s and 80s, and it would be awesome to see those decades explored again!

  2. The ocean has been popping up on lots of lists. Authors should probably take note.

    • we should start a grassroots twitter campaign!

  3. Australia is on my list too, and the rain forest would be a great setting! 🙂 My TTT list:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • thanks for stopping by! There’s just so much you could do with a jungle setting–told from the point of view of the animals, the trees, about people coming in and deforesting, saving, living, etc!

  4. Australia’s on my list too, can’t believe I haven’t read anything about it yet! I also love this hidden society setting, it’s something that I’ve loved since Harry Potter! Oh, and recent history is very interesting to me to read about, too!

    • Dollhouse, the Evil Genius series, and The Reformed Vampire Support group series are all set in Australia. but up until recently (and I’m talking the last year or so) the *only* book I’d read that was set in australia was The Thorn Birds!

  5. I love reading about books in the 20s. And I put Australia on my list as well! Great list 🙂

    Here’s my Top Ten!

  6. 9 – Try The Helmet of Horror. The entire story essentially takes place in a chat room. I really liked it, but from what I’ve read, it’s a love it/hate it sort of story.
    5 – The Mortal Instruments are a hidden society type of series.

    You’re also the 2nd person I’ve seen mention Eve Dallas.

    • I read the first book of the Mortal Instruments series (picked it up on a Kindle Daily Deal for $.99, awesome!), and then made the mistake of reading reviews on Goodreads after finishing the books, so I doubt that I’ll even bother to read the rest of the series. I’m not big on repackaged fanfiction nor on the accusations of plaguerism.

      I’ll look into the Helmet of Horror, it sounds really neat!

  7. Recent history is always interesting. I’m always really surprised to read a book set in the past hundred years, but not during one of the big wars. Out of the Easy is a good example. I think it is during WWII actually, but not about WWII at all.

    • yeah, unless you’re digging up books that were “present day” during that era, generally you don’t find many. you’ve also reminded me that I need to read my friends book, which is letters written by her grandfather to her grandmother during WW2.

  8. Hi there, I thought I pop in and check out your list. I love your choices and I will definitely check out books set in Australia, because so many people have it on their lists! I read The Thorn Birds, but I didn’t love it. It was rather OK. I love the ocean too, but can’t remember any books (except some cheap romances) set there…

    • The Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater is set on an island/at the beach/near the ocean and is really good.

  9. I totally agree with the 1900’s eras. I put 80’s and 90’s on my list for the same reason! And I love the idea of hidden societies in plain sight (as long as it does NOT involve vampires lol).

    Cool list, thanks for stopping by My TTT

    • Not a vampire fan? 😀 I think I overread myself on them last year, so I’m taking a break from them and exploring other paranormal aspects for a while.

  10. Yeah for In Death! Love that series! I would love to see more books set in Australia as well…especially historical Australia. Thanks for visiting by blog!

    • I read part of the Settlers series in high school, and I remember enjoying it, but I don’t think my library had a complete set of it so I only made it so far in that series.

  11. I had frontiers on my list too! There are so many possibilities for excitement there!

    Realistic space books would be great, too. Have you read Beth Revis’ Across the Universe series? They are realistic space.

    And I’d love some recent history. I’ve heard good things about the Luxe series. I’d love to see more WWI books. It seems like WWII always gets all the attention.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

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