Writing Prompts #14: Valentine’s Day Edition

This was from the meeting almost two weeks ago, but I figured since the theme was “Anti-Valentine’s Day”, I’d save it until today.  I’ve never really been a huge fan of the day, honestly.  It was fun in high school due to our National Honor Society carnation sale, which thankfully had a friend option, so my friends and I would have fun writing each other silly notes and sending yellow carnations to each other.  Then, Junior and Senior year, I got to help out with the sale, which made it more fun.  Getting out of first period to deliver flower?   Yes please!

Prompt #1
The day of the groundhog on Groundhog’s Day (okay, not a V-day themed prompt, but still fun)

“It’s the best gig,” Phil said, looking around at his support group–Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and Elvis.  They met once a month to discuss their issues.  People not believing in them, or that they were too real, in the case of Elvis.  “one day, for five minutes, tops, and then the rest of the year, I’m pampered and fed and no one expects a damn thing out of me.”
“My job only takes one day a year, too,” pointed out the Easter Bunny.  This meeting he had come tie-dyed in pinks, purples, and blues, with a floppy pastel green bow between his fluffy ears.
“Yeah, Flopsy, but my day requires ZERO prep time.  Hell, if I’m cold when I come out, I just go straight back to bed, and the fools think they have six more weeks of winter!  Jokes on them, I just partied too much the night before with on of my groundhog groupies.  One too many shots of Jager will do that.”
“Children worship me,” Santa pointed out.  Phil scoffed.
“Children.  I have children and adults all gathered around outside my burrow.  I have a FESTIVAL, for crying out loud!”

Prompt #2
A friend has set you up with “the perfect guy for you”.  Only, he’s not.

I like tall, think, brown-haired guys with glasses.  My friends all know this–they’ve watched me date guys that fit my type to a T for years now.  So when Gail said she had the perfect guy for me, I figured he’d be tall, thin, with brown hair and glasses.  I scoured the coffee-house where we’d agreed to meet, looking for a guy that fit that description.
The shop was busy, and everywhere I looked there was a thin guy–over by the cash register, contemplating lattes, seated by the window with an iPad, loughing at a table people watching why sipping on a miniscule espresso.
I paused in the doorway, at a loss for what guy to approach–Gail had only told me his name and that he’d be perfect for me.  I had to admit I was more than surprised when the only guy in the shop built like a California surfer approached me, hand out and a smile on his tanned face.
“Shelley?” He said and took my hand, leading me to the shop’s only booth.  He asked what I wanted, and I sat, a bit stunned, as he walked away.  “Well, at least he has a cute butt,” I told myself.  I studied him as he ordered my drink:  blond hair cut almost military short, blue eyes, and about double the musculature I was used to.  Not to mention that he barely topped my own height.  In fact, this guy was more GAIL’S type than mine!
He came back to the table, still smiling, which put me off even more–my tall brown-haired boys tended to the broody end of the scale.

Prompt #3
Sexy Hub Cap Superbowl ad

Shot 1:  4 chrome hub caps on black velvet pillars spotlighted so they shine
Shot 2:  Hot, tanned, long curly haired woman dressed in hot pants and a cropped top advertising Harlan’s Hubcap Emporium.  She’s sitting, arms back, knees bent, head tossed back, wind blowing her hair back.  Her bright red, shiny lips are slightly parted, and her eyes are closed.  She’s wearing hub cap earrings, necklace, and ring.
Shot 3:  Blazing hot day, the same girl, same outfit, is outside, bent over, changing old grimy hub caps on a 2013 Porsche to the caps from the first shot.  She looks over her shoulder and winks at the camera.
Shot 4:  A still of the model lounging on the hood of the Porsche, licking one of the hub caps, with Harlan’s Hubcap Emporium superimposed over the grill of the car.
Voiceover:  Harlan’s Hubcaps, the sexiest hub caps in town!”

Prompt #4
The least sexy setting

Close up, it looked like a romantic spot for a picnic:  verdant grass, blue sky, a large oak tree spreading leafy branches to provide just enough shade from teh sunny day.
Zoom out x10
The patch of grass is directly next to a large asphalt parking lot full of dented, rusted cars.  Some of the cars are sporting racist bumper stickers and more than one car has a “window” made of plastic sheeting and duct tape.
Zoom out x100
The parking lot is attached to a seedy strip club called “Bottoms Up”, and several of the girls are outside puffing on cigarettes.  The other side of the patch of grass borders a ramshackle three-story apartment building that has several blowsy women leaning off a balcony, shouting obscenities at the strippers.
Zoom out x1000
The blue sky turns out to be the side of an enormous superstore known for paying women less than men and running local businesses out of business with unfair competition.  Off to the side is a dumpster overflowing with trash, and a homeless man fights over a loaf of moldy bread with a mangy three-legged dog.  The dog’s growling almost drowns out the women shouting at the strippers.
Zoom out x10000
Grey smog covers the city, obscuring the picnic spot from view.


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