Writing Prompt #15–Seven Deadly Sins

It looks like my writing group is going to be doing a series of prompts based on the Seven Deadly Sins (Wrath, Greed, Envy, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth).  We’ll be doing one or two a meeting, though Lust may get two meetings.  This week’s meeting was *huge* and in a place that likes to close early if there aren’t many customers, so we kind of felt chased out and ended our meeting after only two prompts.  A normal meeting has around 4-5 people at it, this week’s had 8!  Granted one of them was a friend of mine in town from Philly who was just there to hang out, but still, we haven’t had that many people since we were at Panera almost a year ago.521298_4168130721039_799782757_n

That’s Korku, Apostle of Gluttony (or was it Greed?)  A few years ago, I used to belong to a My Little Pony RPG that was based off of the Seven Deadly Sins, and that’s my boy, there.  He’s half pony, half dragon, (but insists his great gramma was a snake!), and eats *everything* in sight.  Riding him is Bramble, Apostle of Sloth, I think.
And yes, I really *am* that good of an artist.

This week we only managed two prompts, so that’s why Lust may get two weeks instead of one, because everyone said “Are we starting with Lust?  Can we start with Lust?”  Popular subject, sex.

Prompt #1
If there was no lust, what job would people who have jobs centered around it have?

“What are we doing with these mice again?” Masters asked, holding a wiggly white mouse in his hand, staring at it intently.
“Measuring his sexual stimulation to certain smells,” is what Johnson would have answered if the Russians hadn’t released their anti-sex neutron bomb during World War II.  But, they had, and as a result, there was no need to study sexual behavior.  Instead, they were studying the effects of certain genetically modified foods.  “Feed him specimen 32-DD, and hope he doesn’t die,” Johnson answered dully.
Masters dropped the mouse back into his aquarium and threw up his hands in disgust.  “I’m tired of watching mice die,” he exclaimed .  “Don’t you feel that we had something better to do?”
Johnson looked up, her face thoughtful.  After a moment, though, her expression settled back into its normal bored expression.  “No, it’s always been my dream to kill mice…”

Prompt #2
Non-sexual lust

Horses–any kind.  Ponies, unicorns, mini-horses, I don’t care.  Of course, you could take that love into another area of lust, but I think that’s illegal in the United States.
My best friend in elementary school was my best friend because, in kindergarten, my mom told me “Go talk to Gail, she has horses!”  So, I did.
I read all the books I could get my hands on–another friend and I used to argue who got the new horse book from the bookmobile until the lady got smart and started to double up on horse books.
Calendars, figurines, books, pictures, posters, I had them all.  My 8th grade latchhook project?  A horse head in profile.  I was obsessed.
I still am, I just control it better.  Though my first question to my husband after I found out he grew up on a farm was “do you have horses?”  Maybe it’s not as under control as I thought.

Short prompts this week–who do YOU think would have a different job, or not even exist if there was no lust in the world?

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