Feb-Write-Ary Friday!

I joined a NaNoWriMo style writing thing for the end of February, called Feb-Write-Ary.  It’s on quite a smaller scale, and a bit differently from regular NaNo.  It’s only 2 weeks long, you set your own word goal, and you can write just about anything you want.  It doesn’t just have to be on the same project, and includes things like blog posts, if you want.  While I haven’t worked much on Wolf Girl 2 like I had planned, I am writing more in my journal, and I just put about 2000 words on a short story I started over the summer.

Feb-Write-Ary is put on by Ava over at The Crumbling Spine, and you can see the participants, posts, and word count goals here.

I had planned on using this to put an ending on Wolf Girl and wrap up a couple of short stories that I’ve had sitting around for a while, and set my goal at 10,000 words.  That may have been a bit optimistic, but I did submit over 2400 words today, bringing my total up to just under 5k words.  I still have a few more days to get those other 5,000 words out, so I should hit my goal…as long as I don’t let this weekend’s enormous amount of business get me down.

I’m really excited about the direction tonight’s story  is taking–it’s a Goosebumps/Fear Street style story about a group of teens who find out that fireside ghost story they told turns out to be real, and it ends up almost costing one of the group his life.  Sophie lives up the street from the local jail, and in an effort to get the conversation off of where she lives, she tells the group a ghost story about a house that burned down earlier in the summer.  I think I just need a couple more paragraphs to wrap up the scene in front of the house, and then I’m going to time jump to September when school starts again.

Have you written anything fun this month?


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