Top Ten Tuesday: Gotta Have it

Top Ten TuesdayYup, it’s that wonderful day of the week again, Tuesday!  Brought to us by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish (clicking on the above graphic will take you there), Top Ten Tuesday lets us bare our bookish souls.
This week is a topic I’m sure people think about every time they walk past their bookshelf–books that were MUST HAVE NOWs that are still…unread.  Their spines uncreased, their pages untouched.  But had to have it right then omg!

Top Ten Books I HAD To Buy…But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread

1.  The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern–I’ve wanted to read this pretty much since it came out, and when I ordered my husband’s birthday present from Amazon in late September, I also ordered myself a copy of this.  And it’s still sitting on my shelf unread, and has even been on TWO TBR lists (both fall and spring) because I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

2.  The Plains of Passage by Jean M Auel–probably my longest “must have but is still unread”.  I think I may have actually started it a time or two, but something always stops me from reading past the first chapter.  I think, at the moment, what’s keeping me from reading it is the sheer size–I have soo many books to read that I could read 4 in the time it would take me to read this one!

3. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien–okay, while I technically did not buy this (friends gave me a really nice leather-bound edition along with a really nice leather-bound edition of the trilogy as a bridesmaid’s gift for their wedding), I still haven’t read it, and like The Night Circus, it has also made it onto 2 TBR lists.

4.  Impact by Douglas Preston–I, as a habit, will generally pick up anything written by Preston&Child, whether it be their collaborations or their stand alones.  I picked up Impact over a year ago after a book club meeting because it was on the clearance shelf at Barnes and Noble.

5.  Rhett Butler’s People by Donald McCaig–picked this up at an estate sale over the summer, and paid way too much for it (I still keep thinking that they should have garage sale prices…and when I say I paid too much, I paid $2 for it).  I didn’t realize that Margaret Mitchell’s estate had authorized *another* Gone with the Wind related novel…you’d think they’d have learned their lesson with Scarlett!

6.  several of the Hallows series by Kim Harrison–a friend sent me an arc of A Perfect Blood, which was cool, but I was also 2-3 books behind at that point (I had already picked up Pale Demon, though), which meant…yup, had to go out and get the ones I was missing so I could read the arc.  As with The Night Circus and the Hobbit, this set of books has also been on 2 TBR lists…

7.  My Very Dearest Anna by Kara Martinelli–another book I technically didn’t buy, my husband did.  This was also compiled by a friend of ours, and she’s read *my* book, and I just haven’t gotten to hers yet…oops!

8.  Envy by Anna Godberson–it was the LAST copy on BAM’s teen clearance section, so I just haaaaaaaad to get it so I didn’t miss out on it!  Of course, the next time I went in to BAM, there were three copies on the shelf…heh!  But still, LOVE the Luxe series, and I don’t know why I haven’t read this one yet!

9.  A Lion Among Men by Gregory Macguire–another book snatched from a clearance shelf, it even made it onto one of my “shelf of 10” shelves…and I *still* didn’t read it!  I think some of that had to do with the fact it was actually book 11 of 10 (heh), and by that point I was just tired of reading a set amount of books.

10.  The Secret Country by Pamela Dean–I didn’t buy this, I picked it up at last year’s Reading Festival, but I also remember telling someone that I’d read it then pass it on to her.  It’s been over a year since that Festival…


Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Authors

Top Ten TuesdayWelcome to Tuesday, my friends!  This weekend kicked my butt, but I’m ready to hop back into the bookish lifestyle and the best way to do that is to write about books, right?  Right?

Top Ten Authors That I’d Put On My Auto-Buy List

1.  Marissa Meyer–I just finished up Scarlet, and eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Lunar Chronicles.  Cinder was awesome, Scarlet was even *more* awesome.  Can’t wait to see exactly what happens in the next book.

2.  George RR Martin–I’m completely enthralled by Game of Thrones, and I love the intricate stories that Martin has intertwined in his world of Westeros.

3.  Kim Harrison–LOVE her Hallows series, and I’m really interested in reading her YA series, as well.  The only thing keeping me from actually buying that series is the fact that I already have way too much to read, but I have been known to pick up the Hallows books even though I’m 3 behind already….:D

4.  My friends–have to support my friends!  I’m lucky in the fact that I have several published author friends and that I can go out and buy their books.  I have Awakenings by DS Toles, Gift of the Dreamtime by Kelley Harrell, Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky, On the Downbeat by Kylan Toles, and Zion’s Crossing by HT Barkman.  LOVE being able to read my friends’ books so much!

5.  Lisa Lutz–author of the Spellman novels, which are crazy and zany and just…so much fun!  I just can’t get enough of Isabel and her strange, wonderful family of PIs.  I think I’m caught up on actually *having* the books that are out…now just to actually get to reading them!

6.  Libba Bray–having devoured the Gemma Doyle books and somewhat enjoyed Beauty Queens, I find that I enjoy Bray’s writing style and sense of humor.  I have a copy of the Diviners on my Kindle, and I’ll be reading it as soon as I get through all of my “hey I got this for free I really need to read/review it!” books.

7.  Kendare Blake–I fell in love with Anna Dressed in Blood, and can’t wait to add more of her books to my collection!  I know the second book is out, so I need to get on that!

8.  Meg Cabot–she writes so many different types of books, from YA to paranormal to chic lit and more!  It’s so hard to keep up with everything she writes, but I try!

9.  Jeff Lindsay–author of the Dexter books, and one of the few series my husband and I can agree on.  Generally I’ll get him the book for his birthday or Christmas, but then I get to read it, as well.  🙂

10.  Lee Child–see above.  I LOVE the Reacher books, they’re so…immediate, and awesome.  As is Jack Reacher.  Don’t judge him by the terrible movie where he’s played by Tom Cruise!

Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten TuesdayIt’s Tuesday!  Yay!  As always, click on the image above to find Top Ten Tuesday’s sponsor, the Broke and the Bookish.

This week we’re talking about the top ten books we read in 2012.  I read…a lot of books.  I didn’t start really keeping track of my books until early March on Goodreads, and my total count from then is at 110.  It’s probably closer to 125, though.  I read a *lot*.

Top Ten Books I read in 2012
(in no particular order)

1.  A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott–I picked this up on a whim at a stuff a sack library sale.  I’m really glad I did–it was fantastic.  I love Louisa May in general, and this book was a deviation from her normal, upbeat works.  It was considered too scandalous to be published in her lifetime (it deals with divorce and a man who dupes a young girl [spoiler removed]), and was only recently published.

2.  Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe by Fannie Flagg–I picked this up in February from my brother- and sister-in-law.  I’ve seen the movie about a hundred times, and I was pleased at how closely the movie actually followed the book.  Fantastic read!

3.  Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky–I can’t say enough good things about this book.  Violet can see ghosts, but not the only one she’d really love to see–her mother.  Fun characters, engaging storylines, and a fantastic author.  Also, this book won the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Looking forward to seeing more things from this spectacular novelist!

4.  The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald–I know, I’m a bit behind (judging from my choices thus far) on my classic/required high school reading.  I picked this up at an estate sale in August, as I wanted to read it before the movie came out (and boo, they moved the movie back to MAY!).  I did have to read the scene by the pool several times before I actually understood what was going on.

5.  The Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray–I devoured all three books in about a week, I loved them so much.  I’m even more looking forward to reading more of Bray’s books in 2013!

6.  In Cold Blood by Truman Capote–I’m not a big non-fiction reader, so the fact that Capote took the time and made the effort to make this book read more like a novel than a nonfiction book intrigued me.  It took me a bit to get into it (Capote definitely loved his flowery descriptions), but it was an excellent read.

7.  The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd–this, surprisingly, had a lot of bad reviews on Goodreads, though I think it was more for the content than for the actual writing (apparently people don’t like to read books about married women having affairs with island monks).  I, however, fell in absolute love with this book.  Each word is almost perfectly crafted from the first word to the last.  Secret Life of Bees will be on my 2013 reading list.

8.  Gift of the Dreamtime by S. Kelley Harrell–the nonfiction account of surviving childhood abuse at the hands of her grandfather, Harrell tells about how she dealt with and grew from the experience.  She is also a shaman and an all around wonderful person.

9.  Grave’s End:  A Magical Thriller by Sean Patrick Travers–a noir novel set in modern times about a mostly dead private dick from the 40s.  There’s really not much about this book that I didn’t like.  It was a fun romp!

10.  Rumors (The Luxe #2) by Anna Godberson–I read this in one sitting.  LOVE this series, and I’ll be getting to Envy (#3) soon, I hope.  TOO MANY BOOKS IN MY TOO READ PILE!


Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten TuesdayTuesday, Tuesday, it’s Tuesday!  The year is winding down, there aren’t many Tuesdays left in 2012.  We’ve yet to get any substantial snow here, but it’s coming…it was in Chicago last night, so I expect it sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

This week’s subject for Top Ten Tuesday is an interesting one–generally, I tend to stick to authors I already know, but with getting my Kindle in May as well as picking up random books at a couple of Friends of the Library book sales…I’ve found quite a few authors this year to add to my collection!

Top Ten Favorite “New to Me” authors in 2012

1.  Libba Bray–I just started the Gemma Doyle trilogy this month, and I’m already on book 3.  She writes about the Victorian Era in this trilogy, which is generally not my favorite era (seriously, I don’t get the fascination with Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Darcy), but she writes the books ABOUT the era, not in the STYLE of the era, which helps immensely.

2.  Anna Godberson–I finished up book 2 of the Luxe books last week, and I’m a little ashamed to say that I read it all in ONE sitting.  Eep!  Great escape/guilty pleasure reading for the YA set, especially if you like ball gowns and forbidden love.

3.  Gemma Halliday–I picked up Spying in High Heels for free on my Kindle about the same time as I was given Deadly Cool (her YA novel), and I loved them both.  Her writing is quirky and funny, and I love her characters!

4.  Elle Strauss–another Kindle freebie, Clockwise, caught my eye.  It started out really slow (I admit, I did consider DNFing it), but about 1/2 way through the book really picked up and I *loved* it!  I look forward to reading more in the Clockwise series, and I have Seaweed on my Kindle, as well.

5.  Chanda Hahn–her series of books about a girl living the Grimm Fairy tails is wonderful.  Can’t wait to read more!

6.  Sue Monk Kidd–I picked up two of her books, The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair, at Library sales.  I haven’t read Bees yet, but Mermaid Chair was so beautiful, like every sentence was crafted over and over until each word was perfect, made me despair as a writer–I will never write that well!

7.  Fannie Flagg (new to me, remember!)–I finally got around to reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe, and wow was it excellent!  I also have a few other of her books to read, as well.

8.  H.P. Mallory–author of the Dulcie O’neil books, and another Kindle freebie.  I actually think I have three books on my Kindle by her (one a crossover written with Barbara Annino), and I’ve enjoyed the two I’ve read so far.  She has a way of superimposing her fairy world right on top of the real world that makes you wonder if maybe…maybe there really *are* fairies and other greeblies out there.

9.  EV Anderson–author of The Many Lives of Lilith Lane.  I don’t think I can say how much I enjoyed this Kindle Serial!  I’ve also been chatting back and forth with EV on Goodreads, as well.  Great book, great guy.  Highly recommended!

10.  My friends!  Many of them released books this year–Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky, Awakenings by D.S. Toles, On the Downbeat by Kylan Toles, Zion’s Crossing by HT Barkman, and the re-release of Gift of the Dreamtime (and its Reader’s Companion) by S. Kelley Harrell.  All are wonderful books, and available for both print AND ebook at,, and


NaNo is FiNo’d

Another NaNoWriMo is in the books!  I hope everyone who attempted to hit 50k did so–I did!

Winner-180x180See that?  0 excuses, that’s me!  I had a stretch where I was ready to throw in the towel, just around Thanksgiving.  I had 43,000 words under my belt and I just…couldn’t get up the motivation to write.  I played hookey for FOUR days!  Well, I did write about 200 words on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and the Saturday after, but…200 words each day is s drop in the bucket that is NaNoWriMo.

Is the novel done?  No, not really.  Last year’s manuscript clocked in at just over 58,000 words, and I’m currently at 56,000 (almost exactly!) in this year’s novel.  It’s on pace to finish at around the same amount, if not a bit more.  I’m currently embroiled in the “big fight” at the end, which will take another 1-2,000 words to complete, then, of course the ending, which is probably another 1,00o words.  I just have to…finish it.  Which I will, I just need a brain break, honestly.

Today is my region’s TGIO party, which is always a good time.  You get to see small groups of people at the various write ins throughout the month, but the whole group only really seems to get together for the kick off and for the TGIO party.

If you won, CONGRATULATIONS!  YOU DID IT!  YOU’RE FANTASTIC!!!  If you didn’t…well, there’s always next year, of course.  And just because November is over doesn’t mean that you have to stop writing, either.  Finish it!  You can do it!

Top Ten Tuesday

Okay, this is not my favorite topic–I’m really not one to anticipate book releases (well, other than certain series like The Wheel of Time).  I honestly can not tell you a single book that has a release date in 2013.  I used to go into bookstores just to see if my favorite authors had released a new book or not.  Book release date, what’s that?  The next book I’d probably mark on my calendar would be the sequel to A Dance with Dragons, honestly.  I’m going to try, though, I pulled up a list of releases on Barnes and Noble’s website, and meandered around on Goodreads.

1.  A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson–HOLY CRAP THE LAST BOOK OMG OMG OMG!  Okay, I am totally excited about this–it’s the last book in one of the most epic series of all time.  Too bad it doesn’t come out in December so that my husband can get it for me for Christmas, like he’s done with the last few books.  My birthday, perhaps?
Release Date:  Week of Jan. 7th

2.  Scarlet by Marissa Meyer(Lunar Chronicles #2)–Okay, I haven’t read Cinder yet, but I’m sure I will by the time the second book comes out.  Cinderella retelling with cyborgs? Yes please!
Release date:  Feb. 5th

3.  Ever After by Kim Harrison (The Hollows #11)–I’m woefully behind in this series by about 3 books, but I *love* these books, so I can be excited about another one coming out to add to my teetering To Read pile.
Release Date:  Jan. 22nd

4.  Revealed by PC and Kristen Cast (House of Night #11)–Zoey Redbird is probably #1 on a lot of people’s most annoying main character EVER (she’s up there on mine), but for some reason I just can’t get enough of these books!  I’m fascinated by the Casts’ version of vampires, and the tattoos are a really neat concept, plus, this has to be close to the end of the series.  Zoey can only thwart Neferet for so long before she defeats her once and for all, right?
Release date:  sometime in 2013

5.  Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander #8)–More Jamie Frasier!  YAY!  I love these books so much.  Judging from the synopsis on Goodreads, though, I’m going to have to reread An Echo in the Bone before I read this one…Jamie’s best friend marries his wife?  What?

Hmm, maybe I’ll finish out my list with books I’d like to see published?  I just…can’t dig out any more books I’d anticipate, and honestly, the list above is…not really all that anticipated, other than A Memory of Light (and I’m not going to lie, this list is the only reason I know it’s coming out).

6.  Dollhouse #2 by Anya Allyn–the ending of book was extremely abrupt, and there is no book 2 in sight yet.  Dollhouse was creepy and twisted and perfect Halloween reading–a giant dollhouse underground beneath a National Park in Australia?  EEEEEESSSSH!!!  I’m also interested to see where book #2 goes, plotwise.

7.  Matt Archer:  Monster Hunter book 2 by Kendra C Highley–Matt Archer is like..12 and works for the US Army as a monster hunter after he accidentally picks up a strange knife his uncle owns.  I’m sure there’s going to be more of this story, and the first one was very well done!

8.  The Many Lives of Lilith Lane sequel (or another book) by EV Anderson–my first foray into Kindle serials, and I love loved looooooved this story.  Lilith is splitting her time between two realities–one where her younger sister was kidnapped and murdered and one where she is still alive, but in danger of being kidnapped an murdered.  If you haven’t checked this out (or other serials from Plympton Publishing), you are missing out!

9.  Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator sequel by Jill Baguchinksky–LOVED this book, loved Violet, and Buster was absolutely adorable.  Would love to see more from this series and the author!  ❤ Jill!

10.  The Toadhouse Trilogy book #2 by Jess Lourey–book 1 had the heroes book hopping to save their lives.  It’s fun to see books (this one included The Time Machine, A Tale of Two Cities and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) from a different perspective, and honestly, who hasn’t wanted to step inside their favorite book and experience it as a character?

Top Ten Tueday!

It’s that day of the week again!  Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, my favorite weekly feature.   As always, click on the picture to be taken to TTT sponsor, the Broke and the Bookish!  This week’s topic should be interesting!  My mind is already burbling–should I keep it to authors who are alive, or can I totally break the death barrier and include them, as well?  Hmmmm…
Wow, this is turning out to be harder than I thought…I think I’ll stick to people who are still alive!  Also, I haven’t been reading blogs for very long, so I think I’ll just stick to authors, mostly.

Top Ten Bookish People You Want To Meet

1.  Mercedes Lackey–her Valedemar series remains one of my all-time favorite series, though I have to admit that I’ve stopped picking up the Valdemar novels (I think To Take a Thief was the last one I read–and the plot holes and inconsistencies just did it in for me.  It read more like fanfiction than actual canon author written stuff).  I still love all of the originals, and I’ve read the crap out of all of the books of hers that I own.  Talia’s trilogy remains my favorite, with Vanyel’s coming in a close second.  Oh, and I’d love to have my very own Companion!

2.  Stephen King–the man is a *master*.  I also want to find out if he’s as creepy in person as his pictures seem to imply…and if he’s related at all to my 8th grade Homeroom/English teacher, because they have the same nose and last name…though she married into her name, so more than likely not.  Both, however, are masters in horror, she just specialized in a different brand…torturing me during my 8th grade year.

3.  Caroline B. Cooney–one of my favorite YA horror/scary novel authors from middle/high school.  Her imagery is just…awesome.  If you’ve ever read her “Loosing Christina” trilogy (The Fog, The Snow, The Fire), you know what I’m talking about.  I’d love to hear her talk about how she gets those words down on the page that can evoke such feelings and visuals–when she talks about the tide coming into Candlestick Cove, you almost feel like you are clinging to that barbed wire fence right next to Christina and Anya.

4.  Jill Baguchinsky–okay, I’m sneaking in one of my friends onto this list and YOU CANNOT STOP ME!  I met Jill online at least a decade ago through message boards of the My Little Pony persuasion.  She’s one of the people who introduced me to National Novel Writing Month.  Last year, she won the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and this year her book, Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator was published by Penguin.  In her spare time, she wrangles monsters over at her Etsy shop Mint Conspiracy.  So she IS a bookish person, and while we’ve met online, we’ve never actually met in person…so on the list she goes.
P.S.  Her book is great, especially if you’re into YA paranormal type things.

5.  Meg Cabot–her stuff is all over the board–YA, adult, chic lit, paranormal…how does she do it?  And how does she keep all of her series straight?  Enquiring minds WANT TO KNOW!  Also, I think she’d be super fun to hang out with.  I mean, she does have that Cocktail promotion thing going around right now, right?

6.  Laurel K Hamilton–mostly, I want to just plead with her to take the Anita Blake series back to its origins, instead of the sex-fest the novels have become.  I miss ass kicking Anita, and the books having an actual plot that took longer than 40 pages to complete.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude with a problem with the sex-fest, but if I wanted to read that, I’d be reading her Meredith Gentry series–Anita used to be such a *strong* character with actual morals.  Now?  I dunno what to even say.

7.  Lee Child–he writes the Jack Reacher series, which is just…fantastic.  His fight sequences are out of this world, and his protagonist, a 6’5″ ex-military policeman just looms off the page.    I have to physically stop myself from reading the next Reacher book in the series too fast–I need to enjoy it!  He’s also one of the few authors that can write a series out of sequence (as in…the series does not move in a linear fashion, it’ll jump back in time to show why he left the military, to when his brother and mother are still alive, etc) and yet still not get inconsistencies and strange details that jar an avid Reacher reader out of the book and into “wait, hold on, didn’t that happen a different way in another book?”
He’s also somehow okay with Tom Cruise playing his hulking character.  Me?  I’m not–Jack Reacher is 6’5″ for crying out loud!  Tom Cruise barely tops, what, 5’6″ on a good day?  He’s a pint-sized Reacher!  😀

8.  Casey Daniels–while I briefly “met” her at the Buckeye Book Fair (and left with a totally awesome autograph in one of her newest books), I would rather have the opportunity to sit down and talk to her about being a writer in Ohio.  Her Pepper Martin books are set in a graveyard in Cleveland, so it gives me the shivers to read about places that are not even an hour away from me in a book.

9.  This one is going to be somewhat general, but…the head of one of the big publishing houses.  I’m not picky, just throw me one!  I’d love to hear about the publishing industry from someone who has such knowledge and power!  Heck, I’d even settle for a vice president of human resources, to be honest.  Just give me *someone* in publishing, people, anyone!

10.  Okay, he’s dead, but…Robert Jordan.  He died before he could finish his epic Wheel of Time series, and, well, I gotta know.  Does he think that Brandon Sanderson is doing his book(s) justice?  It was originally supposed to be a 12 book series, but Sanderson and the publishers broke that last book up into 3 books based on the notes Jordan left.  Would all of the stuff *in* the notes actually made it into the final book that HE wrote?  And, OMG, how does it END?  Is the end he envisioned happening actually being written, or is Sanderson putting his own spin on things?  I know I read somewhere that he actually *wrote* The Last Battle before he died (phew!), so hopefully that makes it in almost untouched.   And…why did he start a new trilogy when he hadn’t finished the Wheel of Time yet, knowing that his time on earth could be limited (the man was not young, and I’m pretty sure he had cancer)?

11.  Okay, since Robert Jordan’s dead, and she’s not…Beverly Cleary–I loved her books growing up, and honestly?  I was very like Ramona growing up–stubborn, messy, questioning everything in the world around me.  Even though most of her books were written in the 50s, 60s, and 70s…they still hold up today, and I recently purchased large copies of several of the Ramona books as Christmas presents for little girls to start loving Ramona like millions of other little girls.

Dead authors I’d love to meet:

Louisa May Alcott, J.R.R. Tolkien, Margaret Mitchell, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, L.M. Montgomery,  L. Frank Baum, Edgar Allen Poe, and William Shakespeare.

Top Ten Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday again, which means it’s time for TOP TEN TUESDAYS!  As always, click on the banner to be taken to the sponsor of TTT, The Broke and the Bookish!

Top Ten Books On Your Fall To-Be-Read List

(crap I read my #1 TBR book this week, but I’ll tell you what it is:  Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky.  Excellent YA read GO READ IT NOW!)

1.  Edenville Owls by Robert B. Parker–the next on my “shelf of 10 redux” list

2.  A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire–the FINAL book on my “shelf of 10 redux” list.  It’s book #11.  No, I can’t just pick 10 books…:D

3.  City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (Kindle)–I picked this up when Amazon had it on sale for $.99 for the Kindle.  I’ve been saving it for when I just can’t take any more poorly written/poorly edited free books, and I think after my current read (The Childe, which has surprisingly good reviews considering how bad it actually is…), I will have hit that wall…

4.  The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien–with the movie coming out soon, it’ll motivate me to actually read this.  My friends got me really really really nice copies of The Hobbit and The LTR trilogy as a bridesmaid’s gift for their wedding, and it’s still in the original plastic.  Sometimes having a nice copy of something keeps me from reading it, because I’m afraid I’ll mess it up…

5.  Faefever by Karen Marie Moning–I’ve had my copy of this for ages and it just barely didn’t make the shelf of 10.

6.  Black Magic Sanctum/Pale Demon/A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison–a friend sent me the ARC for A Perfect Blood a while back, reminding me exactly how far behind I was on my Hollows reading…but I picked up Pale Demon out of the clearance section of B+N and Black Magic Sanctum not long after.  LOVE clearance sections!

7.  Little Star by John Ajvide Lindqvist–I won this through Goodreads, and am super excited to read it.

8.  Seaweed by Elle Strauss (Kindle)–I’m hoping that it’s as cute as Clockwise was, and this is another Kindle book I’ve been “saving” for when I get tired of the crap.  😀

9.  Adventures in Funeral Crashing (Kindle) by Milda Harris–I found this through TTT, actually.  I stumbled on her blog while reading through TTT lists.

10.  Impact by Douglas Preston–I love just about anything written by him or by Lincoln Child, especially when they write together.  I picked this up ages ago, and just haven’t gotten around to reading it.


Support Your Local Authors!

Last night I attended a panel discussion put on by a local writer’s group.  The moderator put together a group of local published authors, H.T. Barkman, E.W. Lewis, D.S. Toles, and Kylan Toles.  They answered questions for a couple of hours, and it was fascinating!

Three of the authors did what I did–they self published through CreateSpace, and the fourth author had her book published through a small e-book publisher.  All four of the authors were a great example of how the publishing world is changing–though the fourth author, H.T. Barkman, had a publisher, they flat out told her she would have to do most of the marketing for her book herself.

How can you support a local author?  It’s pretty simple!

1.  Buy their book–either order it from the website it’s published on, contact the author directly (they usually have copies on hand), or go to your local bookstore and ask for it by name so they’ll order it for you.
2.  Talk about them on social media–on your blog (hi!), on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
3.  Go to events–keep an eye open for book signings, panels, and other interesting things that feature local authors.
4.  Leave a copy of their book somewhere–often places like independant coffee shops have areas where there are books to read.

Here are a few of my favorite local authors (all links take you to the book’s Goodreads page):

H.T. Barkman–her novel, Zion’s Crossing was published by Wild Child Publishing.  It’s a darker novel about Amish twins on their Rumspringer.  They get in a car accident that leaves the brother in a coma.  He has to struggle through 7 visions of Hades, while his sister struggles with more worldly things like drug addiction.  She also has several nonfiction books available.
D.S. TolesAwakenings, a steampunk novel, is available through CreateSpace, Amazon, and Smashwords.  It’s set in Victorian England.  Raine was recently rescued by the Professor, but her memory is a blank.  Who is she?  Why is she being hunted?  Find out by picking up a copy of Awakenings!
Kylan Toles–his novel, On the Downbeat, is available through CreateSpace and Amazon.  Lucas Tate is a former spy who now runs a blues club in Miami.  When someone from his past shows up, Lucas must make some important decisions.
Kyla Phillips–her novel, The Wildest Place, was published by MuseItUp Publishing.  Sala’s bondmates are murdered, so she teams up with her old partner, Derulo, to find out who killed them.
E.W. Lewis–his novel, Eden Tree, is available through CreateSpace and Amazon.  Dr. Havisham believes he is on an expedition to explore forgotten lands, he finds that there is more forgotten within himself than in any land he could possibly explore.
Kara Martinelli–her novel, My Very Dearest Anna, My Grandparents’ Letters from WWII, is available on Amazon, and through various local shops.  It is a non-fiction book containing the letters her grandparents wrote during World War II, with commentary added by Kara.

Go forth!  Find your local authors and support them!

Callie has already claimed my copy…I don’t know if I’m getting it back or not…

And for a non-local author, but a friend…Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator was released yesterday!  Congratulations, Jill!  Spookygirl, 2011 winner of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, is available through and your local bookseller!

Book Giveaways ending soon!

Just a reminder, the book giveaways I mentioned recently are closing soon!  Winners for both will be drawn on August 1st!

The details on the Spookygirl by Jill Baguchinsky giveaway are at her blog.  Don’t forget you can enter up to 4 times by promoting the contest on Twitter, on your Facebook page, by blogging about it, and by replying to the original contest post with your biggest fear/scariest moment.  Spookygirl is available for pre-order now, and will be released on August 16th.

The details on the Awakenings by D.S. Toles giveaway can be found at  Don’t miss out on your chance to win a fantastic debut steampunk novel!  Awakenings is available for purchase on,, and

For a new giveaway, S. Kelly Harrell is giving away 5 copies of the 2nd edition of her book Gift of the Dreamtime:  Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma on  The new edition has a forward by Christina Pratt.  I have this book on my Kindle, and you know those books you have a hard time reading because it’s just so good that you don’t want it to ever end?  This is one of those books.  GotD is a non-fiction account of Kelley’s journey through healing from childhood abuse.  Kelley is a neoshaman, an author, a contributor for the Huffington Post, and all around awesome person.  Her website is Soul Intent Arts, and you can purchase GotD through,, and

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