Top Ten Tuesday: New Series

Top Ten TuesdayIt’s that wonderful day of the week again–TUESDAY!  I’ve been having a horrible computer month, though, so I’m thankful that I’m still able to type this on my computer and not say…my phone or my Kindle.  Typing on the Kindle is hoorrrible!  The poor thing, I’ve dropped it one too many times and it has this bad habit of shutting down completely if I move it wrong (probably from a loose wire from being dropped) which is NOT good for a computer, and then on Sunday my power cord broke completely–the “head” that attaches to the computer twists somewhat freely, which means that the wires are snapped in there.  I’m currently using the power cord from my *last* laptop, but it’s less wattage (65W vs 80W).

Anyway, enough about my computer woes, onto the list!  This week we’re delving into series that we would LIKE to start reading.  I think this might be hard for me, but I’ll muddle through.  I hate not listing 10 (because it is, after all, a top ten list), but this one…I may not hit 10.

Top Ten Series I’d Like To Start But Haven’t Yet

1.  Delirium by Lauren Oliver–does this series have a name?  I can’t find it if it does.  I’ve heard so many good things about this series, and about Lauren Oliver’s books in general.  Plus, it’s being made into a TV series, so I need to start this soon so I can read it BEFORE the TV series comes out.

2.  The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chyma–I’m still kicking myself for not making sure I met her at the Buckeye Book Fair a couple of years ago (she was at lunch while we were there), and then missing her again a few months ago when she came to a local library.  She’s a local author in the sense that she’s from my state, and I LOVE reading authors from my state, like Casey Daniels (the Pepper Martin Mysteries series) and Jennifer Crusie.  She’s also put out quite a few books, so she’ll have me reading for quite a while!

3.  Uglies by Scott Westerfield–I picked up book 2 at a library sale last year, and finally managed to find a copy of Uglies, as well.  I also have a copy of Leviathan that I need to read, as well.

4.  The Grimm Diaries prequels by Cameron Jace–this keeps popping up as my #1 recommended book when I log into the store on my Kindle.  It’s also available for Amazon Prime users for free, and I haven’t picked out my March book yet…so this may be it.  Plus, it’s my newest favorite “genre” of fairytale retellings!

5.  1-800-WHERE-R-YOU by Meg Cabot–I love pretty much anything Meg Cabot does.  Her books are such fast, fun reads that it’s really hard to put one of her books down without actually finishing it first!

6.  The Ruby Oliver novels by e.lockhart–I read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks in January and *loved* it, and I’m really looking forward to meeting Ruby Oliver!

7.  The Iron Butterfly series by Chanda Hahn–I’ve read a couple of Chanda Hahn’s books, and they were pretty good, so I’m looking forward to reading this series, as well!  Chanda is an author I discovered by downloading too many books off the Kindle Top 100 list.  Sometimes I do find some gems in there!

8.  Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore–my husband got me book #3 in this series for Christmas, so now I have to locate copies of books #1 and 2.  Actually, I think I’d like to read *anything* by Christopher Moore.  His book covers are sooo freaking cool looking, and he comes highly recommended by several friends.

9.  Tales of the 500 Kingdoms by Mercedes Lackey–this is one of the few of her series that I haven’t read, and I’d really like to.  I haven’t picked up the latest Heralds of Valdemar books, either, but I’ve not heard very good things about them, so I’m not going to go out of my way to get them.

10.  Madison Avery series by Kim Harrison–Kim Harrison’s YA series of books.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hallows series, and when I found out she was doing YA books as well, I was ecstatic.  Now, to find the time to actually *read* the books…

I did it!  I made it to 10!  Yay!  What series are you looking forward to starting?


Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten TuesdayTuesday, Tuesday, it’s Tuesday!  The year is winding down, there aren’t many Tuesdays left in 2012.  We’ve yet to get any substantial snow here, but it’s coming…it was in Chicago last night, so I expect it sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

This week’s subject for Top Ten Tuesday is an interesting one–generally, I tend to stick to authors I already know, but with getting my Kindle in May as well as picking up random books at a couple of Friends of the Library book sales…I’ve found quite a few authors this year to add to my collection!

Top Ten Favorite “New to Me” authors in 2012

1.  Libba Bray–I just started the Gemma Doyle trilogy this month, and I’m already on book 3.  She writes about the Victorian Era in this trilogy, which is generally not my favorite era (seriously, I don’t get the fascination with Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Darcy), but she writes the books ABOUT the era, not in the STYLE of the era, which helps immensely.

2.  Anna Godberson–I finished up book 2 of the Luxe books last week, and I’m a little ashamed to say that I read it all in ONE sitting.  Eep!  Great escape/guilty pleasure reading for the YA set, especially if you like ball gowns and forbidden love.

3.  Gemma Halliday–I picked up Spying in High Heels for free on my Kindle about the same time as I was given Deadly Cool (her YA novel), and I loved them both.  Her writing is quirky and funny, and I love her characters!

4.  Elle Strauss–another Kindle freebie, Clockwise, caught my eye.  It started out really slow (I admit, I did consider DNFing it), but about 1/2 way through the book really picked up and I *loved* it!  I look forward to reading more in the Clockwise series, and I have Seaweed on my Kindle, as well.

5.  Chanda Hahn–her series of books about a girl living the Grimm Fairy tails is wonderful.  Can’t wait to read more!

6.  Sue Monk Kidd–I picked up two of her books, The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair, at Library sales.  I haven’t read Bees yet, but Mermaid Chair was so beautiful, like every sentence was crafted over and over until each word was perfect, made me despair as a writer–I will never write that well!

7.  Fannie Flagg (new to me, remember!)–I finally got around to reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe, and wow was it excellent!  I also have a few other of her books to read, as well.

8.  H.P. Mallory–author of the Dulcie O’neil books, and another Kindle freebie.  I actually think I have three books on my Kindle by her (one a crossover written with Barbara Annino), and I’ve enjoyed the two I’ve read so far.  She has a way of superimposing her fairy world right on top of the real world that makes you wonder if maybe…maybe there really *are* fairies and other greeblies out there.

9.  EV Anderson–author of The Many Lives of Lilith Lane.  I don’t think I can say how much I enjoyed this Kindle Serial!  I’ve also been chatting back and forth with EV on Goodreads, as well.  Great book, great guy.  Highly recommended!

10.  My friends!  Many of them released books this year–Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky, Awakenings by D.S. Toles, On the Downbeat by Kylan Toles, Zion’s Crossing by HT Barkman, and the re-release of Gift of the Dreamtime (and its Reader’s Companion) by S. Kelley Harrell.  All are wonderful books, and available for both print AND ebook at,, and