Top Ten Tuesday: New Series

Top Ten TuesdayIt’s that wonderful day of the week again–TUESDAY!  I’ve been having a horrible computer month, though, so I’m thankful that I’m still able to type this on my computer and not say…my phone or my Kindle.  Typing on the Kindle is hoorrrible!  The poor thing, I’ve dropped it one too many times and it has this bad habit of shutting down completely if I move it wrong (probably from a loose wire from being dropped) which is NOT good for a computer, and then on Sunday my power cord broke completely–the “head” that attaches to the computer twists somewhat freely, which means that the wires are snapped in there.  I’m currently using the power cord from my *last* laptop, but it’s less wattage (65W vs 80W).

Anyway, enough about my computer woes, onto the list!  This week we’re delving into series that we would LIKE to start reading.  I think this might be hard for me, but I’ll muddle through.  I hate not listing 10 (because it is, after all, a top ten list), but this one…I may not hit 10.

Top Ten Series I’d Like To Start But Haven’t Yet

1.  Delirium by Lauren Oliver–does this series have a name?  I can’t find it if it does.  I’ve heard so many good things about this series, and about Lauren Oliver’s books in general.  Plus, it’s being made into a TV series, so I need to start this soon so I can read it BEFORE the TV series comes out.

2.  The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chyma–I’m still kicking myself for not making sure I met her at the Buckeye Book Fair a couple of years ago (she was at lunch while we were there), and then missing her again a few months ago when she came to a local library.  She’s a local author in the sense that she’s from my state, and I LOVE reading authors from my state, like Casey Daniels (the Pepper Martin Mysteries series) and Jennifer Crusie.  She’s also put out quite a few books, so she’ll have me reading for quite a while!

3.  Uglies by Scott Westerfield–I picked up book 2 at a library sale last year, and finally managed to find a copy of Uglies, as well.  I also have a copy of Leviathan that I need to read, as well.

4.  The Grimm Diaries prequels by Cameron Jace–this keeps popping up as my #1 recommended book when I log into the store on my Kindle.  It’s also available for Amazon Prime users for free, and I haven’t picked out my March book yet…so this may be it.  Plus, it’s my newest favorite “genre” of fairytale retellings!

5.  1-800-WHERE-R-YOU by Meg Cabot–I love pretty much anything Meg Cabot does.  Her books are such fast, fun reads that it’s really hard to put one of her books down without actually finishing it first!

6.  The Ruby Oliver novels by e.lockhart–I read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks in January and *loved* it, and I’m really looking forward to meeting Ruby Oliver!

7.  The Iron Butterfly series by Chanda Hahn–I’ve read a couple of Chanda Hahn’s books, and they were pretty good, so I’m looking forward to reading this series, as well!  Chanda is an author I discovered by downloading too many books off the Kindle Top 100 list.  Sometimes I do find some gems in there!

8.  Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore–my husband got me book #3 in this series for Christmas, so now I have to locate copies of books #1 and 2.  Actually, I think I’d like to read *anything* by Christopher Moore.  His book covers are sooo freaking cool looking, and he comes highly recommended by several friends.

9.  Tales of the 500 Kingdoms by Mercedes Lackey–this is one of the few of her series that I haven’t read, and I’d really like to.  I haven’t picked up the latest Heralds of Valdemar books, either, but I’ve not heard very good things about them, so I’m not going to go out of my way to get them.

10.  Madison Avery series by Kim Harrison–Kim Harrison’s YA series of books.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hallows series, and when I found out she was doing YA books as well, I was ecstatic.  Now, to find the time to actually *read* the books…

I did it!  I made it to 10!  Yay!  What series are you looking forward to starting?


Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Authors

Top Ten TuesdayWelcome to Tuesday, my friends!  This weekend kicked my butt, but I’m ready to hop back into the bookish lifestyle and the best way to do that is to write about books, right?  Right?

Top Ten Authors That I’d Put On My Auto-Buy List

1.  Marissa Meyer–I just finished up Scarlet, and eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Lunar Chronicles.  Cinder was awesome, Scarlet was even *more* awesome.  Can’t wait to see exactly what happens in the next book.

2.  George RR Martin–I’m completely enthralled by Game of Thrones, and I love the intricate stories that Martin has intertwined in his world of Westeros.

3.  Kim Harrison–LOVE her Hallows series, and I’m really interested in reading her YA series, as well.  The only thing keeping me from actually buying that series is the fact that I already have way too much to read, but I have been known to pick up the Hallows books even though I’m 3 behind already….:D

4.  My friends–have to support my friends!  I’m lucky in the fact that I have several published author friends and that I can go out and buy their books.  I have Awakenings by DS Toles, Gift of the Dreamtime by Kelley Harrell, Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky, On the Downbeat by Kylan Toles, and Zion’s Crossing by HT Barkman.  LOVE being able to read my friends’ books so much!

5.  Lisa Lutz–author of the Spellman novels, which are crazy and zany and just…so much fun!  I just can’t get enough of Isabel and her strange, wonderful family of PIs.  I think I’m caught up on actually *having* the books that are out…now just to actually get to reading them!

6.  Libba Bray–having devoured the Gemma Doyle books and somewhat enjoyed Beauty Queens, I find that I enjoy Bray’s writing style and sense of humor.  I have a copy of the Diviners on my Kindle, and I’ll be reading it as soon as I get through all of my “hey I got this for free I really need to read/review it!” books.

7.  Kendare Blake–I fell in love with Anna Dressed in Blood, and can’t wait to add more of her books to my collection!  I know the second book is out, so I need to get on that!

8.  Meg Cabot–she writes so many different types of books, from YA to paranormal to chic lit and more!  It’s so hard to keep up with everything she writes, but I try!

9.  Jeff Lindsay–author of the Dexter books, and one of the few series my husband and I can agree on.  Generally I’ll get him the book for his birthday or Christmas, but then I get to read it, as well.  🙂

10.  Lee Child–see above.  I LOVE the Reacher books, they’re so…immediate, and awesome.  As is Jack Reacher.  Don’t judge him by the terrible movie where he’s played by Tom Cruise!

Top Ten Tuesday

Okay, this is not my favorite topic–I’m really not one to anticipate book releases (well, other than certain series like The Wheel of Time).  I honestly can not tell you a single book that has a release date in 2013.  I used to go into bookstores just to see if my favorite authors had released a new book or not.  Book release date, what’s that?  The next book I’d probably mark on my calendar would be the sequel to A Dance with Dragons, honestly.  I’m going to try, though, I pulled up a list of releases on Barnes and Noble’s website, and meandered around on Goodreads.

1.  A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson–HOLY CRAP THE LAST BOOK OMG OMG OMG!  Okay, I am totally excited about this–it’s the last book in one of the most epic series of all time.  Too bad it doesn’t come out in December so that my husband can get it for me for Christmas, like he’s done with the last few books.  My birthday, perhaps?
Release Date:  Week of Jan. 7th

2.  Scarlet by Marissa Meyer(Lunar Chronicles #2)–Okay, I haven’t read Cinder yet, but I’m sure I will by the time the second book comes out.  Cinderella retelling with cyborgs? Yes please!
Release date:  Feb. 5th

3.  Ever After by Kim Harrison (The Hollows #11)–I’m woefully behind in this series by about 3 books, but I *love* these books, so I can be excited about another one coming out to add to my teetering To Read pile.
Release Date:  Jan. 22nd

4.  Revealed by PC and Kristen Cast (House of Night #11)–Zoey Redbird is probably #1 on a lot of people’s most annoying main character EVER (she’s up there on mine), but for some reason I just can’t get enough of these books!  I’m fascinated by the Casts’ version of vampires, and the tattoos are a really neat concept, plus, this has to be close to the end of the series.  Zoey can only thwart Neferet for so long before she defeats her once and for all, right?
Release date:  sometime in 2013

5.  Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander #8)–More Jamie Frasier!  YAY!  I love these books so much.  Judging from the synopsis on Goodreads, though, I’m going to have to reread An Echo in the Bone before I read this one…Jamie’s best friend marries his wife?  What?

Hmm, maybe I’ll finish out my list with books I’d like to see published?  I just…can’t dig out any more books I’d anticipate, and honestly, the list above is…not really all that anticipated, other than A Memory of Light (and I’m not going to lie, this list is the only reason I know it’s coming out).

6.  Dollhouse #2 by Anya Allyn–the ending of book was extremely abrupt, and there is no book 2 in sight yet.  Dollhouse was creepy and twisted and perfect Halloween reading–a giant dollhouse underground beneath a National Park in Australia?  EEEEEESSSSH!!!  I’m also interested to see where book #2 goes, plotwise.

7.  Matt Archer:  Monster Hunter book 2 by Kendra C Highley–Matt Archer is like..12 and works for the US Army as a monster hunter after he accidentally picks up a strange knife his uncle owns.  I’m sure there’s going to be more of this story, and the first one was very well done!

8.  The Many Lives of Lilith Lane sequel (or another book) by EV Anderson–my first foray into Kindle serials, and I love loved looooooved this story.  Lilith is splitting her time between two realities–one where her younger sister was kidnapped and murdered and one where she is still alive, but in danger of being kidnapped an murdered.  If you haven’t checked this out (or other serials from Plympton Publishing), you are missing out!

9.  Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator sequel by Jill Baguchinksky–LOVED this book, loved Violet, and Buster was absolutely adorable.  Would love to see more from this series and the author!  ❤ Jill!

10.  The Toadhouse Trilogy book #2 by Jess Lourey–book 1 had the heroes book hopping to save their lives.  It’s fun to see books (this one included The Time Machine, A Tale of Two Cities and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) from a different perspective, and honestly, who hasn’t wanted to step inside their favorite book and experience it as a character?

Top Ten Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday here in the land of a Random Flood of Words, so you know what that means!  Top Ten Tuesday!  As always, click on the picture to be taken to TTT’s lovely sponsors, The Broke and the Bookish!

Top Ten Favorite Authors In the Fantasy Genre

1.  Mercedes Lackey–she brought us the Heralds of Valdemar (I still want my very own companion!) along with the retelling of many beloved fairy tales.  She’s written fantasy, science fiction, collaborated with other authors, written short stories…a very prolific author!

2.  David Eddings–LOVE all of his books…well, except for maybe that last trilogy of his…I never finished it.  In fact, I think I only made it halfway through the second book.  I think it was the bugs that did it for me…I don’t have a bug phobia, I just…don’t like reading about them, I guess.

3.  James Clemens–writer of the Banned and the Banished series, about the journey of Elena to free her world from dark overlords.

4.  George R.R. Martin–author of the Song of Ice and Fire series (most people just call it the Game of Thrones series lol).  I’ve also read several of his anthologies, and a strange science fiction book he wrote with another author.

5.  Robert Jordan–author of the Wheel of Time series.  I’m sad that he died before the series was finished (he promised us only 12 books!  The new author is splitting that book into THREE!  THREE MORE!  Well, now I think we’re just waiting for the final one to be published), but he did at least write out the Last Battle scene before he died.

6.  Gayle Greeno–she created a world where humans crash landed and discovered large, telepathic cats called Ghatten.  Similar in tone to the Valdemar Heralds, Seekers go around dispensing justice where it is needed.  Unfortunately, her second trilogy, Ghatten’s Gambit, seems to be unfinished for whatever reason.

7.  Kim Harrison–okay, I’m lumping some paranormal into this…but, seriously, I’d consider it to be part of the fantasy genre.  I think a lot of bookstores will stock it under horror, though, if they do not have a paranormal section.  I love the Hallows series–Ivy, Jinx, and the rest of the crew are fantastically written, and the book where Jinx is turned into a human male…*fans self*  Yeah.  That’s definitely fantasy to me!

8.  Josepha Sherman–I don’t know that she’s written a whole lot on her own, but she’s collaborated with a lot of the great fantasy authors.  She also wrote a couple of the Secret of the Unicorn Queen books, which puts her on my favorites list for certain!

9.  LJ Smith–another paranormal author, but as she deals with witches, vampires, telekinetic powers, Arthurian legend, and more, I’m going to still lump her in here into fantasy.  One of my all-time favorite authors in middle/high school, I devoured just about everything she wrote, and was excited to read the “new” stuff being published in conjunction with the TV show…but learned that her older stuff (from the early to mid 90s) was much better.

10.  Meredith Ann Pierce–she wrote the Firebringer trilogy (about fierce warrior unicorns), the Darkangel trilogy (about a vampire who kidnapped beautiful girls), and several other young adult fantasy novels.  I read the first Firebringer (Birth of the Firebringer) novel in middle school, but somehow didn’t manage to finish the trilogy…when I went to find them, I discovered a lot of her books were out of print.  THEN!  Some genius decided to reprint them and I was able to secure copies of the books I’d missed, since copies on Ebay were going for $50 or more!

Top Ten Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday again, which means it’s time for TOP TEN TUESDAYS!  As always, click on the banner to be taken to the sponsor of TTT, The Broke and the Bookish!

Top Ten Books On Your Fall To-Be-Read List

(crap I read my #1 TBR book this week, but I’ll tell you what it is:  Spookygirl:  Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky.  Excellent YA read GO READ IT NOW!)

1.  Edenville Owls by Robert B. Parker–the next on my “shelf of 10 redux” list

2.  A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire–the FINAL book on my “shelf of 10 redux” list.  It’s book #11.  No, I can’t just pick 10 books…:D

3.  City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (Kindle)–I picked this up when Amazon had it on sale for $.99 for the Kindle.  I’ve been saving it for when I just can’t take any more poorly written/poorly edited free books, and I think after my current read (The Childe, which has surprisingly good reviews considering how bad it actually is…), I will have hit that wall…

4.  The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien–with the movie coming out soon, it’ll motivate me to actually read this.  My friends got me really really really nice copies of The Hobbit and The LTR trilogy as a bridesmaid’s gift for their wedding, and it’s still in the original plastic.  Sometimes having a nice copy of something keeps me from reading it, because I’m afraid I’ll mess it up…

5.  Faefever by Karen Marie Moning–I’ve had my copy of this for ages and it just barely didn’t make the shelf of 10.

6.  Black Magic Sanctum/Pale Demon/A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison–a friend sent me the ARC for A Perfect Blood a while back, reminding me exactly how far behind I was on my Hollows reading…but I picked up Pale Demon out of the clearance section of B+N and Black Magic Sanctum not long after.  LOVE clearance sections!

7.  Little Star by John Ajvide Lindqvist–I won this through Goodreads, and am super excited to read it.

8.  Seaweed by Elle Strauss (Kindle)–I’m hoping that it’s as cute as Clockwise was, and this is another Kindle book I’ve been “saving” for when I get tired of the crap.  😀

9.  Adventures in Funeral Crashing (Kindle) by Milda Harris–I found this through TTT, actually.  I stumbled on her blog while reading through TTT lists.

10.  Impact by Douglas Preston–I love just about anything written by him or by Lincoln Child, especially when they write together.  I picked this up ages ago, and just haven’t gotten around to reading it.