Top Ten Tuesday: Gotta Have it

Top Ten TuesdayYup, it’s that wonderful day of the week again, Tuesday!  Brought to us by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish (clicking on the above graphic will take you there), Top Ten Tuesday lets us bare our bookish souls.
This week is a topic I’m sure people think about every time they walk past their bookshelf–books that were MUST HAVE NOWs that are still…unread.  Their spines uncreased, their pages untouched.  But had to have it right then omg!

Top Ten Books I HAD To Buy…But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread

1.  The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern–I’ve wanted to read this pretty much since it came out, and when I ordered my husband’s birthday present from Amazon in late September, I also ordered myself a copy of this.  And it’s still sitting on my shelf unread, and has even been on TWO TBR lists (both fall and spring) because I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

2.  The Plains of Passage by Jean M Auel–probably my longest “must have but is still unread”.  I think I may have actually started it a time or two, but something always stops me from reading past the first chapter.  I think, at the moment, what’s keeping me from reading it is the sheer size–I have soo many books to read that I could read 4 in the time it would take me to read this one!

3. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien–okay, while I technically did not buy this (friends gave me a really nice leather-bound edition along with a really nice leather-bound edition of the trilogy as a bridesmaid’s gift for their wedding), I still haven’t read it, and like The Night Circus, it has also made it onto 2 TBR lists.

4.  Impact by Douglas Preston–I, as a habit, will generally pick up anything written by Preston&Child, whether it be their collaborations or their stand alones.  I picked up Impact over a year ago after a book club meeting because it was on the clearance shelf at Barnes and Noble.

5.  Rhett Butler’s People by Donald McCaig–picked this up at an estate sale over the summer, and paid way too much for it (I still keep thinking that they should have garage sale prices…and when I say I paid too much, I paid $2 for it).  I didn’t realize that Margaret Mitchell’s estate had authorized *another* Gone with the Wind related novel…you’d think they’d have learned their lesson with Scarlett!

6.  several of the Hallows series by Kim Harrison–a friend sent me an arc of A Perfect Blood, which was cool, but I was also 2-3 books behind at that point (I had already picked up Pale Demon, though), which meant…yup, had to go out and get the ones I was missing so I could read the arc.  As with The Night Circus and the Hobbit, this set of books has also been on 2 TBR lists…

7.  My Very Dearest Anna by Kara Martinelli–another book I technically didn’t buy, my husband did.  This was also compiled by a friend of ours, and she’s read *my* book, and I just haven’t gotten to hers yet…oops!

8.  Envy by Anna Godberson–it was the LAST copy on BAM’s teen clearance section, so I just haaaaaaaad to get it so I didn’t miss out on it!  Of course, the next time I went in to BAM, there were three copies on the shelf…heh!  But still, LOVE the Luxe series, and I don’t know why I haven’t read this one yet!

9.  A Lion Among Men by Gregory Macguire–another book snatched from a clearance shelf, it even made it onto one of my “shelf of 10” shelves…and I *still* didn’t read it!  I think some of that had to do with the fact it was actually book 11 of 10 (heh), and by that point I was just tired of reading a set amount of books.

10.  The Secret Country by Pamela Dean–I didn’t buy this, I picked it up at last year’s Reading Festival, but I also remember telling someone that I’d read it then pass it on to her.  It’s been over a year since that Festival…


Top Ten Tuesday: Spring TBR

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is brought to us by the lovely girls over at The Broke and the Bookish, and as always, click on the picture to be transported to their blog.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy this is gonna be a HARD one!  I have sooo many books I need to read, and that I wish I was reading right now, and that I wish I’d remember to finish so I can start a new book (I’m looking at you, Secret Life of Bees).  My TBR list on Goodreads has over 250 books on it currently, and honestly, I think this will have to be split up into two different lists, as well, as I keep my hard copy and kindle reads separate (meaning I read them concurrently, not switch between the two mediums).  Also, you can check out my Fall TBR list, of which I’ve managed to read 6 of the 10 books I listed.  Not too shabby, really.

Kindle Spring TBR

1.  Delirium/Requiem by Lauren Oliver–I keep hearing AWESOME things about these books, AND it’s going to be a TV show, so it’s become a top MUST READ so that I can compare the two.
2.  A friend’s manuscript–I’m not going to share any details, but I promised my friend I would read and critique, and while I have for some of it, I haven’t done it for all of it, and I’d like to start back at the beginning, and I feel like a really bad friend because I’ve had this forever…
3.  The Grimm Diaries prequel novels 1-6 by Cameron Jace–this is on the list because it was my Amazon Prime “free” book for the month, and it has to be read and returned by April so I can rent another book…but they sound pretty darn awesome and involve fairy tale retellings, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them.
4.  Ready Player One by Ernest Cline–I don’t know much about this book (though it was featured in Entertainment Weekly), but I just LOVE the title.  Awesome reason to read a book, right?
5.  Life of Pi by Yann Martel–I really want to see the movie, but since I made a resolution to read the book BEFORE seeing the movie…I have to read this!
6.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky–see above
7.  Iced by Karen Marie Moaning–I just finished the last of the Fever series today (though this is listed as Fever #6/Dani O’Malley #1), which I LOVED, but I’m really hoping that this book isn’t written like the useless “Dani” chapters in the last two books of that series…they were annoying at best.
8.  Deep Fried and Pickled by Paisley Ray–this was a Kindle freebie (surprised, right?), but the description sounded neat and the title is just…awesomely funny.  Plus, the main character is from my home state!
9.  Insurgent by Veronica Roth–I read Divergent several months ago, and I can’t believe that I haven’t read Insurgent yet!
10.  Redwoodian by Alysia Gray Painter–I’m currently reading the first book (Mayfair), which I got for free from Forever Young Adult, and as I got it free, I feel I should read and review it.  I just hope that Redwoodian isn’t as smart and cutesy as Mayfair, because that book is dangerously close to going to my DNF list…

Hardcopy Spring TBR

1.  The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien–this was on my fall list, one of the four I didn’t get around to reading.  The movie is probably close to coming out on DVD, so I’d really like to get it read so I can actually, you know, WATCH the movie.  I want to see what extra stuff they had to add!
2.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern–I got this from Amazon like…eight months ago, and it’s still unread.  BAD ME.
3.  The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak–I picked this up at the Reading Festival in February, and I’m really excited to read it.  Plus, I think I’m supposed to pass it on once I finish it, which makes it a priority.
4.  Black Magic Sanctum/Pale Demon/A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison–this was also on my fall TBR list, and I actually started Sanctum, but I think I just wasn’t in the mood for paranormal at the time and put it down in favor of something else.
5.  The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Steig Larsson–I read the first book over Christmas, and it was fantastic, though overly long in the way I’ve noticed that only Swedish authors can be (Looking at you, John Ajvide Lindqvist).  Plus, my Amazon Prime has all three of the Swedish version movies available, and I’d like to be able to watch them back to back.
6.  Leviathan by Scott Westerfield–I’ve been dabbling in steampunk (thanks to friends of mine that are way into it), and I’m finding I really like it for the most part.  Must read more!!
7.  Peggy Sue got Murdered by Tess Gerritsen–by the author of the Rissoli and Isles books, which I’ve loved since my mom introduced me to them.  This isn’t part of that series, and might be one of her earlier books (it was published in 1994).
8.  The Poison Eaters and other stories by Holly Black–a collection of short stories that my husband got me for Christmas, and I think it was the only one he got me that was not in the middle of a series…
9.  Envy by Anna Godberson–WHY HAVE I NOT READ THIS BOOK YET?  Oh, because I’ve been reading too much on my Kindle…oops.
10.  A Wanted Man by Lee Child–though I bought this for my husband for Christmas, if I wait for him to read it, I may be waiting a year for that to happen…

Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  It’s a brand new year and a brand new Top Ten Tuesday!  What a great way to start out the new year!  I’m also supposed to have a book club meeting tonight, but I have a feeling we’ll be postponing that until NEXT Tuesday, as all of our usual meeting spots will more than likely be closed.

I’m not going to lie–this topic is super easy for me, it’s almost like putting together another “shelf of 10” (and I can use this list as a shelf of 10 to kick off my new year, too!).  If you’re not familiar with the “shelf of 10”, it’s a list of 10 books that you say you will read in order until you finish it and usually composed of books that you’ve been saying for ages that you were going to read and just…never get around to because of new arrivals or whatever reason.
I kept my list to books that have already been released (otherwise…oof, that would have been horrible to decide!) and mostly stuck to books I actually own.  Mostly.  Oh, and I kept to books I own in physical copies, not on my Kindle (though see the end of the post for a list of Kindle books I’m looking forward to in 2013).

Top Ten Books I resolve to read in 2013

1.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern–I picked this up in October, when I cashed in a couple of Amazon gift cards to buy my husband his birthday Kindle as well as a couple of “treats” for me.  The Night Circus was one, and Soulless by Gail Carriger was the other.  I managed to read Soulless, but The Night Circus still hasn’t been touched yet.

2.  Black Magic Sanction/Pale Demon/A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison–okay, I’m lumping three books into this, but they’re all by the same author from the same series, so it’s counts!  😀  A friend of mine sent me her ARC of A Perfect Blood, which meant I had to procure the other two (I was a bit behind), and I’ve been picking them up and putting them down for a while now.  Too many new shiny books!

3.  Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier–I picked this up around Halloween, intending to read it as it showed up on a bunch of Halloween TTT this year, but I didn’t make it much past the first two paragraphs.  I went and read Christopher Pike, instead.

4.  Beauty Queens (or anything by this author) by Libba Bray–it’s after Christmas, and while my wonderful husband did listen to me somewhat (I got Firefly for Christmas, let’s hear it for Nathan Fillion’s naked butt!), I did not, despite my heavy-handed hints, get Beauty Queens for Christmas, so not only is this on my books to read for 2013, it’s also on my “have to GET this book in 2013”.

5.  Cinder by Marissa Meyer (and Scarlet, too!)–This also falls into the above category of “have to GET in 2013”.  A cyborg retelling of Cinderella, I have to get my hands on this!  I want to see exactly how Ms. Meyer manages to take the classic tale of Cinderella and manages to get cyborgs into the story.

6.  Still Alice by Lisa Genova–My mother in law lent this to me on Christmas Day, and as this book belongs to her sister, I’d like to get it read and returned to her in a timely fashion.  Everyone I know that’s read Lisa Genova says that her books are excellent, as well, so I’m wondering how she’ll stack up to my standards.

7.  The Secret Country by Pamela Dean–I picked this up last year at the Akron Reading Festival (my book club has a table every year where we gather up a TON of books and “release” them into the wilds…aka give away free books).  Of course, we also take some books for ourselves, last year I managed to keep it to a dozen, and this was one of them.  I promised to lend it to another girl in the club after I finished reading it, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet–though I know she’s not waiting impatiently for it, because she’s a teen librarian and…well, she has plenty of other books to keep her busy.

8.  A Wanted Man by Lee Child–the most recent Jack Reacher book in the series, it’s also about the ONLY books my husband and I both read (the other series we both read are the Dexter books).  I got this for him for Christmas, which is sort of a present for both of us–but I make sure he gets to read it first, as it is *his* book, after all.

9.  Tomb with a View by Casey Daniels–I’ve actually only read the first two books in the Pepper Martin series (Don of the Dead and The Chick and the Dead), but they are so cute and funny and they’re set about 45 minutes north of me (YAY LOCAL AUTHOR!).  I met her last year at the Buckeye Book Fair and picked up an autographed copy of Tomb with a View, but Tomb is like…book 7 in the series, so I have a bit of catching up to do before I can actually *get* to this book!  If you haven’t heard of this series and like light paranormal books (Pepper sees ghosts and tries to help them “move on”), you should definitely check this series out!

10.  The Hobbit–I read the trilogy, of course, but I haven’t gotten around to reading The Hobbit yet.  My friends, for their wedding, bought me really nice leather-bound boxed copies of both as bridesmaids gifts, and they’re both still in pristine condition in the plastic they came in.  This is one reason I haven’t made it to see the movie yet–the other is it’s impossible to get my husband to *go* to movies.  He doesn’t like crowded theaters and prefers to go when the movies is about a week from the DVD release, which is when we saw The Avengers for the first time.

Runners up (aka books on my Kindle)–Journal of a Lycanthrophile by Fierce Dolan (werewolf erotica), Fluke by David M Elliot and Bart J Hopkins (humorous romance?), The Housewife Assasin’s Handbook by Josie Brown (humorous fiction), Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (classic, Kindle Serial), The Final Apperance of America’s Favorite Girl Next Door by Stephen Stark (short story, fiction), Avalon Revisited by OM Grey (steampunk), The Complete Monster Exchange Program by Terri Bogard (YA short story compilation), Hacker Mom by Austin Rachlis (Kindle Serial), The Burning of Isobel Key by Jen McConnell (paranormal, I think), Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (classic)

What’s on YOUR list for 2013?

Top Ten Tuesday

Holy crap, I almost forgot it was Tuesday!  I blame NaNoWriMo, honestly.  Heck, I didn’t even *do* last week’s list–I just didn’t have the brainpower to come up with my own topic.

This week we get to tell you what books we’d take on a desert island-this should be AWESOME!  When I was little, sometimes I’d gather up a bunch of stuffed animals and an assortment of books and move a footstool into the spare bedroom and set up the bed like it was a raft lost on the ocean.  I’d only have with me the things I could fit on my “raft”.  I didn’t use my bed because I had a double bed growing up (getting used to a single bed in college was rough, let me tell you) because it was too big, and the spare room had a single bed in it–perfect!  I’m sure I brought more than 10 books with me, but I have practice sorting and picking!

Top Ten Books I’d want on a Desert Island

1.  The First Man in Rome by Colleen McCullough–no joke, I’ve been “reading” this book since high school, and having it on a desert island would get me to actually finish it.  Though, at this time, I’m sure I’d have to start over, but it’s okay, I have a lot of time on my hands being stranded on a desert island and all.

2.  Little Women by Louisa May Alcott–love this story, and if I didn’t have a TBR pile longer than I am tall, I’d reread this a lot.

3.  Beauty Queens by Libba Bray–while I have not read this book yet, it’s about girls stranded on a desert island after a plane crash, so maybe I’d learn a few things to help me get by.

4.  Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell–another one of my favorites, and it’s over 1000 pages long, so it’d be a great desert island read!

5.  The Last Herald Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey–I’m assuming there is an omnibus of this *somewhere*, so I’m taking all three.  Honestly, it could be any of Lackey’s Heralds of Valdemar trilogies and I’d be happy.

6.  Birth of the Firebringer trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce (ha, see a pattern here?  I love that publishers have a tendency to make omnibuses of trilogies)–I loved Birth of the Firebringer growing up, and was ecstatic when they released the original trilogy again, as trying to get one off Ebay for cheaper than $25 was just not happening.

7.  The Redemption of Althalus by David and Leigh Eddings–Althalus is pretty much all of Eddings’ other books compacted and boiled down into one book, and it’s one of my favorites.

8.  Killing Floor by Lee Child–Love Jack Reacher, and this is the first book in the series.  And perhaps, if I run into some native wildlife, reading about Reacher’s badassery will inspire me to…be a badass myself.

9.  The Cabinet of Curiosities by Preston and Child–this is the first Aloysius Pendergast book that I read, and it was twisted and fascinating and just *so darn good*.  I read everything by these authors that I can get my hands on.

10.  The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern–the fact that I want to read and review things that I’ve been given for free, I’m having a really hard time getting around to reading this book–I’ve picked it up several times, but then put it back because I still have 3 books left on my goodreads winner list to read and review, as well as 4 or 5 things on my Kindle.  Having this on a desert island without any of those books removes that pressure!

And there’s 600 words I could have put in my novel…heh!